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Why do you need non-surgical hair replacement California: 5 Reasons?

Which is better: hair transplant or hair prosthesis?

 non-surgical hair replacement California

What is non-surgical hair replacement?

Non surgical hair replacement California is a new, 100% natural hairline on the thinnest silicone base that allows water and air to pass through and allows the scalp to breathe.

Generally, the hair system ideally matches in color, length and structure to your own hair. It firmly fixes on the surface of the scalp using special polymers and becomes completely invisible to others.

This provides the hair system with an absolutely natural appearance and a reliable fixation to the scalp.


Generally, the hair system will allow you to lead the lifestyle that you have always

What can you do with the HAIR SYSTEM?

  • Sleep
  • Wash and go to the bath
  • To swim
  • Do active sports

3 steps to your new head of hair with non-surgical hair replacement California

How hair replacement occurs with partial baldness?

The method consists in making an individual hair cover (hair system) and fixing it on the surface of the bald scalp.

The hair system is a novelty in the field of hair replacement. Made from 100% natural hair connected to a base. The base is made of silicone, thin, breathable, air and water permeable.

Before creating non-surgical hair replacement California, the hairline matches in all parameters:

  • Length
  • Shade
  • Structure: in such a way as to ideally match your own hair.


The unique development of hair system is especially valuable for women everywhere. There are fewer men than women, and it is necessary to look attractive and be confident, to have hair and a beautiful hairstyle is strategically necessary.

Alopecia in school years is traumatic ... and if you cannot solve the problem from the inside, grows your own hair. Moreover, you can build up Hair Wear. And here the invention of the Hair Wear system acquires special value, allows you to get rid of complexes.

Fast Hair return with non-surgical hair replacement

  • You don't need to cut your hair.
  • 100% natural hair on the finest system with imitation of hair growth. Moreover, reliable clinics attaches to the client's hair.
  • The scalp breathes.
  • The hairstyle looks like your own hair.
  • The attachment is invisible, imperceptible, does not damage your own hair and is reliable. Moreover, you can wash your hair every day, swim in the sea, go to the bathhouse, dye your hair, play sports.
  • Moreover, you can use it for many years without interruption.

Benefits of hair replacement

You need to get to a reliable clinic first for non-surgical hair replacement California.
You get a product that is radically different from all existing analogues:

  • Similarly, No operations or pills
  • Impossible to distinguish by touch or visually
  • Holds as tightly as your own hair
  • The size, density, length and shade of hair is individually selected

How does hair replacement procedure work?

The method for thinning the area fixes using a variety of adhesives replacement system that allows you to restore the appearance of the hair. Experts select them properly, the hair system looks natural and does not differ from your own hair.

An important feature is that parting the scalp, parting can be done anywhere to change the hairstyle. 

Hair density ranges from thick to very sparse, allowing for maximum naturalness. Haircut length can be male short 3-4 cm maximum length 80 cm. Moreover, hair can rolls up and styled with a hairdryer.

Is non surgical hair replacement good for both men and women?

Generally, this method is suitable for both men and women of any age. Also in children with alopecia to talis, it is often good for better adaptation in the team. The non-surgical hair replacement California is harmless, firmly attached to the scalp and allows you to lead an active lifestyle.

A hair replacement system usually consists of a mesh backing that is attached to the hair. There are several dozen types of foundations that we cans elect according to hair type, growth, lifestyle, skin type, capacity, care. Generally, hair fixed by hand from a knot. Similarly, you can create any effects.

non-surgical hair replacement California 2021

How to protect non surgical hair?

Due to the clean base, the scalp breathes and lets waste products through. In addition, we can wash hair and styled without removing the replacement system.

Easy maintenance allows maintenance and does not require the use of expensive drugs. 

We can use various types of materials for substitution systems:

  • Mixed formulations. (Mixed formulations)
  • Artificial hair. (Artificial hair)
  • Natural hair. (Natural hair)
  • Synthetic hair. (Synthetic hair)

As natural hair, it is commonly used in Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Brazilian and Mongolian hair. Basically, very often yak hair is common. It is famous that Yak from hair for making wigs as early as the 13th century. Mostly hair replacement systems made in China, Malaysia, Korea, India.

Non-surgical hair replacement procedure

The installation of a non-surgical hair replacement California consists of several stages.

  • System installation. The first installation of the system should be carried out by specialists, since there are nuances when cutting and fixing the system.
  • Subsequent maintenance can be done by yourself.
  • Choice of color, thickness, quality of hair, selection of optimal bases in each case.
  • Removing individual measurements. (Deleting individual measurements)
  • Typically, production time is 1 to 2 months.

Using a hair replacement does not require shaving your own hair; we have developed a variety of adhesives today to preserve your own hair. 

Is there any side effect in non surgical hair replacement?

The replacement system is completely neutral for your hair, so if you restore the hair the system can be removed.

This is currently the best and most convenient solution to the problem of androgenetic (male) hair loss, as well as alopecia areata or total alopecia. 

Natural hair on a transparent invisible base completely mimics natural hair growth. Subsequently, the hair replacement system allows you to lead a normal life as with your own hair. 

Mostly companies cooperate with foreign enterprises. Moreover, they use only the latest technology and the highest quality materials. 

The most popular and effective type of non-surgical replacement for men is hair integration. But there are also other options, depending on the type of base and the period of use. You can familiarize yourself with any of them in leading clinic and choose the most suitable one for you.   

Types of replay for men

Unlike men, for women, hair systems are more in demand - partial or full head. Women's systems also have different kinds of bases. Some are more durable. Similarly, you can repair some. Others are thinner and lighter.  

Types of hair systems for women

A special and very important side of our work for us is the manufacture of non-surgical hair replacement California for children according to individual orders. Unlike an adult, the child's head continues to grow and therefore a new impression must be taken regularly. Reliable hair system stores have good experience in working with children. And, of course, we have the biggest discounts for children.  

Types of hair systems for children

In our store there is always a large selection of ready-made products for quick installation. For example, standard male hair integration or contact hair is easy to use in the coming days after consultation. We also make hair systems for individual orders.    

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