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How to choose hair system according to the shape of the face?

How to choose hair system? The choice can sometimes be complicated. Understanding which cut is right for us is essential to make us happy and confident in the decision made.

We often tend to associate these concepts with the field of aesthetics but in reality understanding the shape of one's face well is essential to obtain a beautiful and harmonious effect on our person.

Let's see how to choose a wig. Indeed, the perfect wig.

Over the years, we may change in weight and height but what will never change during our life will be the shape of our face.

Its structure is difficult to transform. And for this reason there are make-up techniques to deceive the eye and change the shape if we occasionally wish it.

Beauty is synonymous with harmony: let's see how to do it.

To determine the shape of your face, we will first have to look in the mirror and pull our hair back.

We will thus begin to understand the structure of our face. But there is a little trick to better define which category we belong to ...

  1. Take a front photograph of your face and print it in black and white.
  2. With a felt-tip pen, draw a thick line that follows the outline.

Then draw 3 horizontal portions on the face as explained below:

Draw a line that coincides with the hairline. In the upper part of the forehead that passes from one side of the head to the other.

hair system

How to draw lines for hair system?

Draw a line that coincides with the base of the eyebrows and goes from temple to temple. We will thus have obtained with these two lines the first portion of our face that is the height of our forehead.

Draw a line for hair system that coincides and passes through the tip of the nose from cheekbone to cheekbone. So as to obtain the second portion of our face which will be the height of the nose?

 Finally, draw a last line that passes at the base of the chin thus obtaining the third and last part of the portion of our face, the height from the chin to the nose.

We will thus have obtained the different portions of our face: measure and note the various dimensions of the face both for height and width and mark the total measurements of your face.

Which shape is good to choose for system?

Understanding and defining the different areas of your face will help us to understand well the shape of our face and what the corresponding shape is.

 Let's now see what the different face shapes are.

It has a more elongated shape. The face develops especially in length because if we were to analyze the distance between the line of the temples and that of the chin it would remain unchanged. The forehead is high and the chin is not particularly pronounced.

To decide which hair system makes your beauty stand out the most, the main goal will be to visually shorten the shape of the face.

The following features can help you choose:

Create volume and give width to your face by avoiding cuts that are too straight downwards, favoring rather soft side lines.

Avoid long and too straight hair looking for lines that favor volume especially in the central area of ​​the cut.

Gathering your hair back will highlight the shape of your face. Rather choose a fringe that helps to reduce the height and deceive the eye.

Set a good expression to wear hair system

The forehead appears to be spacious with the V-shaped hairline with well-pronounced cheekbones and the shape of the slightly pointed chin. The area of ​​the face that appears to be wider is the central one corresponding to approximately half of its length. An expression of this beauty is for example Scarlett Johansson.

The choice of hair system must take into account the fact that the goal to be achieved will be to narrow the forehead and enlarge the lower half of our face.

Remember the following features to make your best choice:

  • Gives volume and widens the width at the chin line
  • The hairstyle should be close to the top of the ears to create a soft effect that covers them slightly
  • Avoid “heavy” and too classic looks.

How to choose system for round face?

We have a round face when the line that forms the outline of our face will be in the shape of a circle. Everything appears harmonious and nothing tends to protrude from the perimeter line of the face. We will be able to resort to some aesthetic-visual tricks to harmonize the proportions by slightly verticalizing and defining it as a whole.

 hair system 2021

To make the best choice for your hair system, in this case we will have a lot of freedom! We will only have to remember to remain faithful to our aesthetics and lifestyle by creating a harmony between our cut and our personality.

Some features to remember to decide which wig is right for you:

  • Create movement and volume with your hair thus framing the beauty of your face
  • Remember that you have a lot of freedom of choice but possibly avoid cuts with too long and straight hair.

How to choose system for oval face?

We have an oval face when the line that delimits the outline of our face perfectly draws an oval. This face shape develops the height more than the width and the three areas that we have previously drawn are almost identical to each other.

 This face shape can "wear" almost anything because it is one of the most harmonious.

To choose the look of your wig, we can indulge ourselves because almost everything will look good on us!

Again, the main advice to keep in mind to make the best choice will be to remember to be faithful to our way of living life.

The choice of the cut will have to reflect us and be aligned with ourselves.

Which wig will suit us?

A look with soft and natural lines may be the best choice to bring out the shapes.

 Play with the volume of your hair and focus on a natural color with some streaks or highlights to give more light to your face.

 Wavy and not too long hair could be for you! Remember that your only enemy is excessive length.


For this type of face the most distinctive feature of hair system will be that of making the jaw and mandible appear slightly more developed than the cheekbones which will be less evident.

Finally, the forehead will appear to be very narrow compared to the rest of the face.

If you have a high forehead, looks with your hair pulled back will highlight the shape of your face even more. Choose some hairstyle that can frame your face by directing the hair towards the cheekbones.

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