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5 Best moringa oil for hair growth Vitamins for Men & Women

How to grow curly hair with organic method?

During the creation of our vegan and cruelty-free hair care lines, we were based on the greatest needs of the public. In this process, we noticed that curly and curly hair calls for special moringa oil for hair growth.

They need very specific care. This is due to the structure and curvature that, of course, can be more fragile. Especially when dealing with the 3C, 4B and 4C curvatures.

Understanding this particularity, we created an exclusive line, with moringa oil as its main component.

Keep reading to understand what this care is!

moringa oil for hair growth

Why does curly and curly hair require special moringa oil for hair growth?

Curly and curly hair needs special care to keep the shape of the curls beautiful and well defined. If the strands are dry, the hair will have an undefined and misaligned appearance.

There are different types in the curly and curly categories. They are divided into 3A, 3B and 3C, in the case of curly, and 4A, 4B and 4C in the case of curly. Each type requires a form of care.

The use of suitable moringa oil for hair growth will bring the balance between texture, oiliness, volume and the health of the hair as a whole.

Some habits, such as washing your hair every day and not hydrating, should be avoided.

Why to use a finisher for hair growth?

It is also important to use a finisher on damp hair, if you want beautiful and stunning curls.

There are specific products for curly and curly hair; we will see their properties below.

What is Moringa Oil?   

Moringa oil is extracted from the Moringa oilefera tree, originally from Africa and also known as the tree of life. It contains fatty acids, such as omega 6 and omega 9, which help in hydration. This is how the Africa Line was created, which acts on hair nutrition, providing the replacement of lipids (fats). They are responsible for protecting the fiber.

These specific effects are more than necessary when the hair is malnourished, brittle, dull and dull. And also when it is out of alignment, without balance, with frizz and porous.

In these cases, curly and curly hair calls for special attention.

Did you identify yourself there? Don't worry; there is a bright side to it! Now you know that your hair may be in need of good nutrition.

The Africa Line works perfectly as one of the key stages of your hair schedule. If you don't know this method, we suggest this post on a vegan hair schedule.

Some people make homemade recipes with moringa oil for hair growth to hydrate their hair. However, there is no scientific evidence that it presents results in this way.

Therefore, always choose products that are reliable and have stamps approved for daily use.

Benefits of Moringa Oil for Curly and Frizzy Hair

Moringa oil is known for its high hydrating power. If your hair is dry, it has powerful assets to correct this problem. If your curly hair calls for special attention, this oil will be very beneficial.

Among the benefits of moringa oil, we can mention its high concentration of vitamin C, much higher than that found in an orange, for example.

In addition, it also has high concentrations of calcium, vitamins A, B and E, iron, potassium and beta-carotene.

It promotes antioxidant action so that the strands are healthy, renewed and without frizz.

Here are the advantages of moringa oil for hair growth:

l  Vitamin C

 Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, in addition to stimulating the production of collagen, which is present in the hair structure. Ascorbic acid is an element of vitamin C that acts positively on hair health. It promotes strengthening and prevents the fall and the brittle effect.

In addition, moringa oil for hair growth does a deep cleaning, eliminates shampoo residues and fights free radicals, which can be very harmful to the hair.

Curly and curly hair calls for special attention, and they have more shine when they have balanced amounts of vitamins C.

Vitamin A: Best for Hair Growth

Vitamin A has beta-carotene and acts on hair growth. This is not always possible only with food intake. For this reason, using products with moringa oil enhances the treatment of your hair in a targeted way. Investing in good products will make all the difference for you to have the curls of your dreams!

The lack of vitamin A can cause hair loss, in addition to making them look dry.

This vitamin also acts in the hydration and restoration of the hair, as it stimulates the scalp to produce substances that prevent dryness.

Like vitamin C, vitamin A also has an antioxidant effect.

moringa oil for hair growth 2021


Vitamin B: Hair Growth Tonic

 The B vitamins are very effective in maintaining hair. They act in the oxygenation of the scalp, in order to provide strength to the hair. These elements even prevent baldness, which affects not only men but also occurs in women.

They also work well with moringa oil for hair growth to prevent hair loss and prevent discoloration.

Curly and curly hair requires special attention and vitamin B complexes invigorate the hair.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E also has antioxidant action and favors the fight against free radicals. Its use is widely applied in cosmetics, both for skin and hair, due to the benefits they contain. It facilitates hair growth by repairing damage to hair follicles. In addition, it acts to balance the pH of the scalp, preventing hair loss and balancing oil production.

This vitamin also recovers hair damaged by chemical treatments or by the action of dryers, curlers and curlers.

Moringa oil for hair growth

In addition to the vitamins mentioned earlier, moringa oil for hair growth also contains iron. The absence of this mineral can leave hair brittle and dry. Iron makes hair stronger and acts on the micropores of the scalp, preventing hair loss.

People with anemia and lack of iron in the body have hair loss for this reason.

As curly and curly hair calls for special attention, they gain more vitality in a treatment with this mineral.


Potassium also helps in strengthening hair, reduces breakage, repairs elasticity and restores damaged hair.

It acts on hydrogen bonds contributing to increase the resilience of the wires and to reduce breakage when exposed to heating.

The action of all these elements present in the moringa oil corrects the dehydration of the curls, giving balance and providing shine to the hair.

What is the Balai Africa Line?

Balai's Africa Line is composed of hair cosmetics containing moringa oil for hair growth and Vitamin E.

It was specially developed to treat curly and wavy hair. These products promote the recovery of malnourished and opaque hair, make lipid replacement and guarantee more resistance and softness.

The combination of the active ingredients Amisol Trio ™ and Vitamin E reduces the damage of the threads when making lipid replacement.

Another advantage is that this vegan line combats the oxidative stress of curly and frizzy hair that requires special attention.

In addition, our hair products have a very pleasant, fragrant and fresh fragrance.

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