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5 Practical Tips to Use Toupee Curly for men

Is a real hair wig better or a synthetic fiber wig?

There is no absolute answer. Of course, hair wigs will be more and more natural, but each type of toupee curly can have pros and cons. The choice depends exclusively on the different needs of those who must wear it.

We will try to advise you based on our experience… and we hope you can find the wig model that suits you best!

 Procurement of raw materials and selection

A high quality raw material is essential. It is therefore necessary to find healthy and strong hair, which has never been chemically treated. That is, which has never been dyed, bleached or premed?

This hair must be Remy hair, i.e. hair that all have the same root-tip direction, with intact cuticles.
Especially for long toupee curly we use Remy hair with intact cuticles. Because only these keep all the characteristics of the hair intact, in particular body and softness.

Toupee Curly

Long hair, more than short hair, due to creasing and rubbing against clothes, are subject to stress from which they are protected by the cuticles. Furthermore, these, being all facing in the same direction, prevent the hair from knotting together, a very important feature in long cuts.

What are the benefits of natural healthy ahir?

With the use of healthy natural hair and with proper maintenance they last much longer than synthetic wigs.
They can be dried with a hair dryer, styled or flat, and styled as you prefer.
If the hair is of good quality, it can be toned and permed.

Toupee curly can be darkened without problems and in some cases even lightened, if the hair has not already been too treated.

They require more maintenance: they must be washed with specific shampoo and conditioner, preferably on the head.

They have a higher cost than synthetic wigs. Unlike synthetic, the final price is mainly affected by the length of the hair and its origin.

 Our advice

Real hair wigs are suitable for those people who have to use the wig permanently. Due to, for example, permanent alopecia. This does not mean that they are also recommended for those who have suffered temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy, and who still want to maintain their usual look.

Wearing a wig is very simple. It is important to choose a wig of your size, so that it fits snugly and comfortably on your head. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Fix your hair

If you have long hair, we recommend that you collect it so that you get a flat surface on your head. To do this, you should divide them into two large locks and cross them behind the neck. To better collect the hair you can also use the toupee curly, a very light cap that helps to create a more homogeneous surface for the wig and ensure a better seal.

If you have short hair, simply comb it back and pin it to the top of the head or the base of the neck.

Do you need to wear cap under toupee curly?

If you have no hair you can decide to wear the toupee curly without any cap underneath, or, if you have sensitive skin.  You can use a special cap made of natural materials, more suitable than the classic polyester "wig cap". An example is Christine Headwear's bamboo and viscose cap, breathable and hypoallergenic, which you can buy on our website

If you have bangs, secure it backwards with an elastic band to hide it from view.


2. Put on the wig

Wear the wig with two hands, starting at the forehead and making sure to line it up at the bottom of the neck where your hair growth would end. Also make sure the toupee curly sideburns match yours and that's it!

If your wig has a Lace Front, we advise you to remove it by inserting two fingers.

 In case you do not have hair it is possible to ensure the seal of your wig with special adhesives with strong and safe hold.

There are also wigs, such as the Natural Line Confidence Caps and Sensitive Caps. They have non-slip silicone inside that adheres to the skin, so they do not require adhesives for fixing.

The choice of toupee curly

We recommend that you start looking for the wig as soon as the start of chemotherapy is confirmed so that you have it available when needed.

You could shorten your hair between the 13th and 14th day after starting the treatment, so that you can wear it once it is available.
The most suitable model, unless you decide to change your look, is usually the one that comes closest to the hair you are used to wearing toupee curly. This choice does not change your physiognomy and in this way can also help not to arouse curiosity in other people about a possible aesthetic change.

What should be an ideal wig look like?

The wig should be light, not too thick. This allows you to look as natural as possible.
Beyond the aesthetic characteristics, if you are undergoing chemotherapy the suitable wig must have some peculiarities that make it comfortable. It must in fact be breathable. 

How does chemotherapy affect toupee curly age?

Chemotherapy can affect bone marrow function by reducing the level of red blood cells. This can lead to anemia which in turn can make the skin pale and sweaty more. In this regard, there are caps under wig that help absorb excessive sweating and keep the skin dry.
It must also be made of hypoallergenic materials. In some cases, in fact, as a consequence of chemotherapy treatments, the skin tends to dehydrate becoming dry and more sensitive, with cases of redness and itching.
For this reason we also recommend moisturizing the skin of the head with moisturizers or natural oils without silicones.

What kind of toupee curly you should choose?
The toupee curly should also be light in order to reduce the weighting problems on the head and ensure breathability required
So even if the aesthetic result is of prime importance at this stage of the disease, you should pay close attention to the fabrics used and the materials that are contact with bare skin and which must be endured even in hot summer periods.

Toupee Curly 2021


Another important aspect is the wear ability: the wig in fact must allow you to be confident in your movements. We therefore recommend that you do some tests to feel it on. Obviously the feeling you can feel having the hair underneath is not the same, but you can still get a reliable idea by using test caps under a wig.
Some particular wigs have been created with hypoallergenic and non-slip medical silicone inserts inside that allow you to keep the toupee curly in place.

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