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3 Myths about hd Hair Replacement and Hair loss due to Anxiety

Genetic and Hormonal Factors Interfere with Hair Health

 More than just an aesthetic function, hair is responsible for protecting the scalp against solar radiation. By paying attention to some details of your appearance, it is possible to know if hd hair replacement is normal or not.

Is hd hair replacement normal?

On average, a person has 100 thousand hairs, it is expected that about 100 to 200 hairs fall out per day. But this is only an estimate, because that amount depends on genetic, hormonal and age factors.

Contrary to what it seems, the warning sign should not be the number of hairs falling out; it is not the brush full of threads, but the density of hair that is on the scalp. Notice if the wires are getting thinner, if there is a decrease in total volume or the
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 Why the hair falls out?

Every day we lose about 80 to 120 hairs, and this is normal. On the other hand, when that number starts to increase, we start to have what is configured as hair loss.

Above all, for hd hair replacement, it is important to understand how the hair growth cycle works.

Hair growth stages

The growth of the hair strands is divided into 3 phases:

1 - Anagen phase: when the hair is effectively produced, and the hair is growing. It lasts from 2 to 6 years, and approximately 90% of the scalp hair is in this phase.

2 - Catagen phase: it is a short phase, lasting from 2 to 4 weeks, and of transition. The strands stop growing, and the follicle that produces the hair contracts towards the surface. 

3 - Telogen phase: it is characterized by the resting of the follicle, without any activity. This phase lasts from 2 to 4 months and, as the wire enters the telogen phase; new cells begin to divide, forming a new wire. Subsequently, the thread that was at rest falls, giving space for the development of the new one. 

When changes occur in this cycle, you start to notice the sharp drop in the wires. 

The abnormal hair loss, that is, approximately more than 100 hairs per day, can be noticed through: 

  • Fall when running your hands through your hair
  • Excessive hair loss when washing and combing
  • Observation of several strands of loose hair on the pillow upon waking
  • Loss of hair volume
  • When you can easily see large areas of the scalp

That is, losing hair is a natural process of the life cycle of the strands. But, when this drop is greater than approximately 100 strands, it is an alert that indicates that some factor is altering the normal growth of hair. It also shows that you need hd hair replacement.

Causes of hair loss and hd hair replacement

First, an unbalanced diet causes deficiency of proteins, amino acids and vitamins, which impairs the nutrition of the hair follicle and weakens the hair, leading to premature hair loss. 

Specialist Dr. Francisco Le Voci explains that stress, whether physical or emotional, can lead to what we call telogen effluvium. Stress can cause an acceleration of hd hair replacement cycle of growth of the threads and, with this, many threads fall before the time, that is, the cycle becomes more accelerated. 

The normal daily drop, which varies between 80 to 120 hairs per day, can be accentuated, reaching up to 600 hairs per day.

The abnormal fall can also be linked to genetic factors that trigger baldness in both men and women. 

3 myths about hair loss

1- Cutting hair prevents hair loss

Myth, because the cut removes part of the wire extension and does not change the growth cycle. On the other hand, frequent cutting leaves the hair more voluminous and more vibrant. It removes the tips that are damaged by the sun, sea and chemical treatment.

2 - Washing hair often increases hair loss

As much as it seems to increase the fall, this is a myth. The hd hair replacement process causes the hair that has already fallen and is caught in the other strands to loosen, giving the impression that washing increases the fall. 

3 - Breastfeeding increases hair loss

This is a myth, because in fact it is a normal period of adaptation of the body. What happens is that during pregnancy the hair grows more due to the influence of hormones. 

Subsequently, after delivery, hormonal rates return to normal, and a greater number of follicles enter the telogen phase, causing the wires to fall with more volume to be replaced by new ones. 

When does anyone know if he needs hd hair replacement?

Androgenetic alopecia can be verified by family predisposition (your father and grandfather), and this pathology starts right after puberty, when treatment should be started.

hd Hair Replacement

How to realize that baldness is coming?

The tendency to baldness can be observed primarily by the thickness of the hd hair replacement strands.

If the strands on the front of the head are thinner and the hair is oilier, it is a sign that the hair is starting to die and that baldness is coming.

It is at this point that treatment should begin.

But after all, why do the wires fall?

The entire process is triggered by a combination of genetic and hormonal factors and is directly related to testosterone, a male sex hormone.

Since women also produce small amounts of this substance, baldness is not exclusive to men, and they are also liable to develop female pattern baldness. However, estimates are from 5% women to 95% men.

How to try hd hair replacement and prevent hair loss?

When you notice that your hair is falling out more than normal, it is always a good idea to go for hd hair replacement. To do this, look for a specialist. 

Also review your habits. Have you been eating properly?

How is your emotional and physical state? Is your routine too stressful? If so, rethink and redefine your goals.

But calm, there are also solutions to prevent hair loss and stimulate the growth of new, stronger and healthier ones. 

Why does anxiety cause hair loss? 

Each of us goes through different levels of stress throughout our lives. If we fail to contain it, we may end up suffering from anxiety. 

Anxiety is our body's defense mechanism against a stressful situation. It is a sudden feeling of fear or unease about something that is yet to happen. 

For most people, it would only last a few moments. But if you leave anxiety unchecked, it can have debilitating effects on your extremity. You may end up being antisocial, having an unbalanced diet and a weak immune system, or finally experiencing hair loss.

Relationship between anxiety and hd hair replacement

As we mentioned earlier, hair loss is never the only symptom of anxiety. But it is very distressing, as it can affect an individual's self-esteem.

The main problem between anxiety and hd hair replacement is stress. Anxiety can create persistent, long-term stress. 

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