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Golden Tips to Secure Black Men's Toupee Hair Pieces

Black Men's Toupee Hair Pieces
Whoever decides to enter the wonderful world of black men's toupee hair pieces is sometimes asked: how to have a natural-looking lace? The answer to this question comes in the form of several precautions, ranging from placement to cleaning, through the handling of acquired locks. Want to learn? See the mistakes and successes of those who invest in changing the look with the wig.

Can I cut the black men's toupee hair pieces at home to give it to my face?

This topic is controversial! It's another one of those “power can, but can't”, haha. The point is that due to the texture of the lace wig, made of synthetic material and not human hair, the cutting procedure can be quite different from what should be adopted for styling natural locks. It is recommended that a professional with experience in synthetic wigs be consulted when trimming your wig.

Is it okay to clean the lace wig with cleaning products?

Amazingly, yes! In addition to the traditional shampoo and conditioner combo, some lace users bet on products such as fabric softener, wood wax and glycerin when hydrating and shaping synthetic yarns, leaving the look very natural. 

The black men's toupee hair pieces practice is safe and recommended for the maintenance of straight, wavy, curly and curly hair. Tip: avoid washing the wig frequently and increase the product's life.

Can I dye the wig to be the shade I like the most?

Better not. Lace wig is made of synthetic material and does not react to this type of chemistry as human hair would react. Dyeing the wig can shorten its lifespan or even cause irreparable and instant damage to the strands. So, already choose the lace that you like the most in the desired shade.

Do I need to use glue to fix the black men's toupee hair pieces?

You do not need and should not and this is precisely the biggest advantage of using synthetic wigs. Easy to fit, the laces do not require the use of glue in their fixation, preserving your scalp and ensuring the natural placement. We caution that pasting the lace wig on the head can cause serious problems, including natural hair loss.

So should I put the wig on as it arrives at delivery?

It depends. Some laces arrive with a screen remaining in the forehead region, in this case, the excess must be cut. In other cases, where there is no apparent small screen, just fix black men's toupee hair pieces on your head and rock it!

Can I put the lace wig on with my hair down?


Unless your hair is very short, it is better not to. To put the lace, make a bun under a root braid, in order to reduce the volume of the hair to the maximum. Do not use laces on top of braids. In addition to damaging the hair, this method of use can take the naturalness out of your wig.

Tips for taking care of your hair under the black men's toupee hair pieces

1 - Tie your natural hair

Before placing your wig over your hair, you need to secure it. My tip is to braid it. The root braid will leave your hair low and without volume, which is good for keeping the wig close to your scalp. If your hair is short, you can clip it in a ponytail, or clip it around your head. Ideally, you should also wear a cap over your hair.

2 - Use adhesive or glue suitable for wigs

If you didn't already know, there are specific glues on the market for you to attach your wig and keep it in place. Therefore, use the specific glues for wigs! No use of those glues that you find in haberdasheries or stationery stores! Also, always be careful before using the black men's toupee hair pieces; test the glue on a small piece of skin to check whether or not you have allergies.

3 - Take care of your black men's toupee hair pieces

If you plan on wearing your wig for a short period (such as a week), you can even go without washing your own hair strands. But if you plan on wearing your wig for a long period of time, you need to take care of the hair under the wig so that it doesn't get dry. This means that you need to wash and moisturize it.

4 - Do not keep the wig for too long

The time to use a lace front will depend on the method of installing it. In the case of those placed with glue or adhesive, the time will depend on the type of adhesive you use, but it is important to remember that most of them are made for use for a short period of time.

Black Men's Toupee Hair Pieces 2021

5 - Be careful when removing the wig

If you used glue or adhesives to put your wig on, remember to use the glue remover to remove it. Apply the product in sufficient quantity to make the glue a little more malleable, and remove the black men's toupee hair pieces front slowly and carefully.

6 - After removing the wig, moisturize your hair

The last tip I can give you is that you wash well and do a power hydration after you remove the wig. Remember to give your hair a break, even though, although these types of wigs make you beautiful, your natural hair and underneath it is very beautiful too and needs to be valued. Wigs are an accessory and your real hair is the main thing and it is part of who you are!

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