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Is hair replacement Philadelphia better than hair loss?

hair replacement Philadelphia
Identifying the causes of hair loss is the first step in seeking an appropriate hair replacement Philadelphia treatment. It will make it possible to reverse the condition or, at least, stabilize it.

Due to the capillary cycle, hair loss is normal between 50 and 100 strands per day. As long as this wire is replaced with a new one.

This cycle is divided into three phases: anagen (hair growth), catagen (rest) and telogen (fall). About 90% of the wires are in the anagen phase and 10% are dying and falling to be replaced with a new one.

The hair replacement Philadelphia occurs when the bulb stops supplying nutrients to the wire and it enters rest. In the telogen phase, which lasts three months, a new wire begins to push the old one, which falls.

This process, however, can suffer internal and external interference, leading to abnormal hair loss - in which there is no replacement of the hair. Find out more below!

The 7 main causes of hair loss in men and women

If you have hair loss, carefully read this information that will help you decide what to do. Below are 7 important causes of hair loss in both men and women.

2. Hormonal changes

Female hormones improve hair quality in all aspects. Volume, shine, vitality, beauty. When you have some type of hormonal change, hair quality may drop or worsen. And the worst thing is that women have a lot of oscillation of hormones. 

Among the hormonal changes most related to changes in the capillary cycle is pregnancy. During the 9 months of gestation the hair is beautiful, strong, and wonderful! About 3 months later they fall a lot. 

The Drop in Estrogen

The drop in estrogen, for example, during menopause, leads to unmistakable changes. Many women only have thinning of the hair, dryness, loss of volume, and do not fall. But the aesthetic result is just as uncomfortable. You can restore that beauty with hair replacement Philadelphia

 Other issues that alter hormones may also be among the causes of hair loss, such as the use of contraceptives, anabolic steroids or hormone replacement.

Hair replacement Philadelphia is perfect treatment for Stress Hair Loss

The hair loss from stress is triggered by physical issues such as daily routines too tiring, stressful exercise (endurance), post-surgery or emotional stress such as overwork, separations, family problems, vestibular, etc. 

The increased concentration of cortisol in the body denotes stress. And as hair is not essential for the functioning of the body, our body stops taking care of it to help other areas in stressful situations. Stress is interpreted as a danger. 

Both acute and chronic stress can trigger hair loss. It is more frequent in women and usually resolves spontaneously. In chronic stress this fall ends up being more persistent, more severe and deserves care. So you need an urgent hair replacement Philadelphia.

4. Improper Food Damages Hair Strength

Food is among the main factors that influence health in general, including capillary.

Hair health is directly related to the availability of nutrients in the body, including proteins, vitamins and minerals that are responsible for hair growth and strengthening.

When the body is lacking these nutrients due to insufficient intake, these substances is directed to activities considered more vital or more important, which definitely does not include hair.

Therefore, for the capillary cycle to work correctly it is necessary to avoid restrictive diets or a diet based on junk food, with low nutritional content, so that the essential vitamins and minerals can reach it.

5. Anemia

Still in terms of food and digestion, among the causes of hair loss is anemia, characterized by iron deficiency in the body.

The lack of this mineral decreases the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood, a fundamental protein for the transport of oxygen in the bloodstream.

In addition to hair loss, anemia can present more serious symptoms, such as fatigue, attention deficit, pallor, dizziness and shortness of breath. In severe cases it can lead to severe clinical conditions. To treat this, you need hair replacement Philadelphia.

 hair replacement Philadelphia 2021

Anemia can be possible by other problems not related to eating. Some people may have anemia even if they get adequate amounts of iron.

6. Medicines

Some medications can cause hair loss. The most frequent are some anxiolytics, antibiotics and especially chemotherapy. But all of these drugs are prescribed by doctors and you are sure to know these side effects and how to treat the problem.

  1. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a disease that causes decreased production of thyroid hormones. This fall in the two main hormones comes by the gland leads to hair loss.

In addition to hair loss, other symptoms related to dysfunction include: fatigue, sensitivity to cold, constipation, dry skin, weight gain, swelling, hoarseness and weakness.

How to have strong and healthy hair? 

Here, we list some proven and effective ways to keep your hair strong and healthy other than hair replacement Philadelphia:

1 - Cut regularly 

The haircut helps the hair with its growth. It may seem counterproductive, but it is true. This is because regular cuts help to remove damaged hair and split ends, promoting greater hair growth from the root. 

Trimming the ends will make the hair softer and more flexible, preventing it from breaking.

2-Use shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients

It is very important to wash your hair because it helps to clean your scalp. When washing, pay attention to the scalp and not the ends of the hair. 

Use shampoo according to the length of your hair, because the excessive application of the product, can leave the hair dry by removing all the essential oils responsible for keeping them hydrated and with that natural shine. 

Conclusion hair replacement Philadelphia

The frequency with which you need to wash your hair replacement Philadelphia varies depending on the texture of the strands, but once or twice a week is perfect for most people.

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