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Where do tv stars get their toupees: Best Guide 2021

Hair restoration: perhaps the best ways

 Where do tv stars get their toupees

Where do tv stars get their toupees? It is necessary to moisturize the length and strengthen the roots. This often requires a complete overhaul of care.

Why do people buy wigs?

The reasons why people buy wigs are quite different, but conventionally they can be divided into two categories:

1) Buy a wig to hide imperfections or lack of your own hair. At the same time, the main goal of buying a wig is to look as natural as possible, so that others do not even think that it is a wig and do not notice any changes in appearance.

2) Or vice versa, a wig is bought to change the image, to become unrecognizable, to create some kind of image for games, theater or cinema.

If you are going to know where do tv stars get their toupees, so to speak for a change of image, then you can buy an inexpensive faux wig.

If a toupee needs for permanent wear and it is desirable that at the same time it is not visible that it is a wig, then it is better to choose higher quality wigs, which, although they are more expensive, but last longer.

What determines the price of toupees?

The price of a wig depends on the quality of the hair, as well as on the subtlety and invisibility of the frame.

The most expensive wigs are handmade wigs in which the frame is completely mesh-based. This achieves maximum lightness and a natural look, as if the hair is growing out of the head.

This is how a fully handmade wig frame looks from the inside:

Where do tv stars get their mesh toupees?

This is what a fully handmade mesh wig looks like on the outside. The hair is evenly distributed over the head, mimicking natural hair growth, and the head is visible through the fine mesh.

Natural handmade wig

Mesh wigs are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, fit your head well and do not get hot in them.

Where do tv stars get their toupees, inside view

And this is what a tress-based wig looks like if you lift your hair.

If the hair is not lifted, then the weft is not visible.

A wig with a tress-lace frame is inexpensive. From above, such a wig can look different:

1) Completely without imitation of the parting. We can comb this wig in any direction.

Wig without mono Top view

2) Or there may be an imitation of the parting with an insert in the color of the head. On such a wig, it is impossible to shift the hair differently.

These are the main types of wireframes. And it depends on the frame how natural the wig looks first of all.

The price and quality of where do tv stars get their toupees depends on what kind of hair it consists of. Hair can be natural or artificial.

Where does mass production of hair take place?

Cheap synthetic toupess

Cheap synthetic toupees are suitable for those who are not going to wear a wig for a long time or wear it from time to time. Although there are people who wear wigs all the time and buy cheap wigs every few months and throw out the old ones. These are mainly those who are not ashamed to wear a wig and do not worry that others will notice it.

How long does stars toupees last?

 Where do tv stars get their toupees 2021

In general, I would like to note that where do tv stars get their toupees. The length of time a wig is worn is highly dependent on the person wearing it. In my experience, some customers took a cheap wig, wore it all the time, and came to see me after a year and the wig looked great. Others took a rather expensive good wig and "killed" it in a month.

How to choose toupee?

If you want a wig to look as natural as possible on you, then it is better to buy a wig with a hair color that matches your natural color. Or close to him. It also matters whether the shade of the hair is cold or warm.

1. Shampoo and conditioner for hair restoration

It is very important to choose the right shampoo for hair restoration. And to it and a conditioner to smooth cuticle scales. Thus, the strands will be protected from further damage.

2 Hair wrap

Oil and silk wrap is suitable for damaged hair. By the way, you can do it at home. However, the effect after a salon procedure is likely to be brighter.

For a home wrap, simply heat the oil in a water bath. For example, coconut or burdock. Apply it all over your hair. Wrap the strands with cling film to keep warm. The oil can be washed off within an hour.

3. Scrubs and peels for the scalp

As you know, beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp. To normalize her condition, you can try scalp scrubs and peels in the salon. Or make your own scalp scrub. For example, salt, honey, coffee, and so on.

4. Hair restoration with detox

Clogged scalp pores interfere with nourishing the hair along its entire length. Strands can become brittle and lifeless. In this case, hair detox treatments help. Perhaps we should start with the salon. However, you can do with homework.

cosmetic and medical procedures

Faced with hair loss, fragility and dull appearance? In this case, treatment may be required. For example, these procedures are carried out in courses. A trichologist can appoint them.

Laser therapy

Laser hair treatment helps to make hair thicker and more elastic. This means less brittle and prone to damage. The essence of the method consists in the treatment of the scalp with a laser apparatus with red radiation. It helps to stimulate the metabolism in cells.

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