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Regular Strawberry Blonde Toupee Care Routine for Beginners

Why can't I grow my hair long? 10 possible reasons

 Strawberry Blonde Toupee

If you have long and unsuccessfully dreamed of growing luxurious strawberry blonde toupee, perhaps any of these 10 reasons are getting in the way. Let's check!

Why can't you grow long hair, even if you really want to? And most importantly, not just long, but also healthy curls, so that the master in the beauty salon does not shake his head when you sit down in a chair. Let's talk about the most common mistakes in hair care and ways to speed up hair growth.

Why strawberry blonde toupee does not grow: perhaps the point is the following ...

Perhaps you recently cut your hair and already want to return long curls. Maybe you are tired of your bangs and you want to grow it back as soon as possible. Or maybe your hair doesn't grow below a certain length. Let's see why you can't grow your hair. There may be several reasons:

1. You haven't cut long hair for a long time

Of course, because you are growing your strawberry blonde toupee, and there is a struggle for every centimeter. But, paradoxically, if you regularly (at least once every 2, 3, 6 months) cut the ends a little, then the hair will begin to grow and look much better.

2. Long hair and ends

Are the ends of your hair in poor condition? Do not expect miracles that over time they will transform into luxurious healthy strands.

Why can't grow long hair?

When the tips are "dead", burnt, it is better to part with them. Trust the opinion of the master and cut as many centimeters as he says, and then start growing long hair.

3. Strict diet for strawberry blonde

And not just on a doctor prescribed for health reasons, but on a starvation diet in order to quickly lose weight. Losing a lot of pounds in a short time and growing gorgeous long hair at the same time sounds good, but in reality these things are incompatible against strawberry blonde toupee. If you need to lose weight, it is better to do it gradually and only after consulting your doctor.

 Then the hair will grow at a normal rate and break less. By the way, learn how to eat to grow long, healthy hair here.


4. You take little care of your hair

Curls love regular step-by-step care. At the same time, about half of women in Russia simply wash their hair with shampoo ... and that's it. The other half use conditioner after shampooing, which is much better. An even smaller percentage regularly makes a hair mask once a week and this step could carry a significant amount of care.

How many steps are there in your regular hair care routine?

You should not overload your strawberry blonde toupee with various products and procedures, but three-step care will never be superfluous (especially for those who grow long hair). It's even better if all three products you use are from the same series.

Editor's tip:  For example, Intensive Repair shampoo, mask and conditioner with Keratin Repair technology strengthen hair, make it stronger and fuller.

5. Not too gentle care

Does your hair get enough of your care?

Imagine that you have a fire in your house, and then you are kicked out into the cold outside. Today you were physically injured, and tomorrow you were poisoned with chemistry. How can you stay healthy? The same is with your hair, when you burn it with hot styling without thermal protection, go to minus 10 without a hat, comb it hard and bleach it.


This, of course, does not mean that you cannot dye your strawberry blonde toupee and do styling. Just be gentler and listen carefully to the condition of your hair. For dyed curls, get regular restorative care, and if you're using a hot hair dryer, iron, or styling tongs, don't forget about thermal protection.

How to protect strawberry blonde toupee before hot styling?

You can also find thermal protective products. It is worth taking a closer look at this brand with affordable cosmetics based on natural ingredients.

Editor's tip: for example, shampoo and hair balm "Clover" with herbal decoction complex help colored hair to become stronger, shiny, elastic and voluminous.

Editor's advice:  Foam "Thermal protection" “with calendula extract is able to protect hair when drying with a hot hairdryer and heat styling. It will also help to fix the hairstyle without weighting, moisturize and strengthen the hair.

6. You collect your hair incorrectly

One of the important benefits of long hair is the ability to create comfortable and beautiful, collected hairstyles. You also love bunches and high ponytails, pay attention to the way you attach them. When using hard and tight elastic bands, kinks form on the hair, and the strands become more fragile.

Long strawberry blonde toupee looks so beautiful in collected hairstyles, but try not to injure them.

Choose soft or seamless elastic bands, do not fix them too tightly. Better yet, do not use rubber bands and hairpins all the time, but give your hair a rest. Especially at night while you sleep: instead of a bun or ponytail, try braiding a loose braid .

7. Improper strawberry blonde toupee combing

It is better to comb your hair in the morning and before going to bed. Especially in the morning rush, there is a great temptation to do everything as quickly as possible, but it is more correct to comb your hair with smooth movements, gradually moving from the ends to the roots (not vice versa).

If there is a knot on the way, do not pull, but carefully untangle it. It is best to comb your hair when it is dry, as wet and damp strands are easy to injure.

8. In winter, you go without a hat

Do not forget about hats both in cold and hot weather.

Wind, snow and cold damage and dry out strands, so it is best to protect them with a hat. And even the protruding ends of the hair should be covered with a collar or scarf, so they will break much less. This means that nothing will stop the hair from growing faster.

Strawberry Blonde Toupee 2021

9. No sun protection

And in the summer, another danger lies in wait - under the influence of direct sunlight; the strands of strawberry blonde toupee can burn out, become dry, weakened and lose strength for growth. If you are sunbathing or spending time on the beach, sunscreen is needed not only for your skin, but also for your hair. Have some sunscreen? Do not forget a hat or scarf, or even better, a hair product with a UV filter.

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