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How to perform bonding for reprieve hair system?

Hair bonding: steps and essential facts about a salon procedure

 reprieve hair system

What is hair bonding? It is worth learning all about this trendy procedure in order to decide exactly if it is right reprieve hair system for you.

It is said that bonding can significantly lighten hair without damaging it. Doesn't it sound tempting? However, it is worth figuring out whether this is possible.

Reprieve hair system bonding - what is it and who is it for?

Among the huge number of restorative procedures for hair, bonding is especially popular today. What is the secret of this know-how?

The name "bonding" comes from the English word "bond", which means "to connect" or "to tie". In this case, we are talking about the connection of protein chains by disulfide bonds.

In curls damaged after staining, these chains can be destroyed. That is, reprieve hair system helps hair regeneration at a deep level. This is facilitated by the composition of Bonders with maleic acid, keratin and ceramides.

How is bonding for hair performed?

What to prepare for if you signed up for bonding in the salon? In fact, everything is very simple. You can combine this procedure with staining in just 4 steps.

  1. Maleic acid concentrate is added to the hair dye. This neutralizes the alkaline composition of the dye. Thus, the curls will be less damaged during dyeing.
  2. The master carries out staining. It can be either dyeing hair in one color or complex dyeing. For example, color stretch marks - shatush , balayazh , ombre . Hair bonding is carried out when dyeing with both ammonia and ammonia-free dyes. It depends on the brand of bonding products used in each particular salon.

Reprieve hair system long blonde straight hair

Reprieve hair system is suitable for almost any type of staining. Credit: All Things Hair

  1. A remedy is applied to the curls. It includes components for strengthening - ceramides, keratin. In addition, it also contains maleic acid.
  2. Finally, the final stage is to support the result at home. To do this, the salon should recommend you special products, for example, masks.


Editor's Tip: Regarding regular care after salon treatments, sulfate-free cleansing is usually advised to maintain the effect. For example, Filler Effect sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with keratin, panthenol and serine. These rich foods help prolong the revitalizing effect. In addition, further damage is minimized.

Reprieve hair system bonding: benefits and who is it for?

Who is likely to enjoy the benefits of a procedure such as bonding?

  1. Bonding is suitable for those who often dye their hair

Do you like to change your hair color often, to radically lighten, and to make washes? Then reprieve hair system is as if specially invented for your hair. The procedure will help you continue experimenting with color and keep your hair healthy.

Shoulder length wavy side parting blond

Bonding will allow you to experiment with shades of hair and not harm the curls so much. Credit: All Things Hair

  1. Bonding for hair does not affect the color shade

Are you accustomed to thinking that any restorative products make the color shade less persistent? This is usually the case. For example, when it comes to the use of oils in their pure form and conventional nourishing masks. Hair bonding is a compromise solution. The procedure restores strands and does not affect the dyeing result.

3. Reprieve hair system Bonding can be done without staining

Don't want to dye your hair? Bonding can be done without staining. For example, if the strands are damaged by hot styling. By the way, in this case it is worth using thermal protection.


Editor's tip: for example, spray. This weightless product makes styling easy. In addition, it helps to prevent strand breakage. It is worth treating the strands with it before drying or straightening.

4. Hair bonding will appeal to lovers of salon care

Home bonding can also be done by purchasing the appropriate products. However, it is best to perform this innovative procedure in a salon. In this case, the master knows exactly the technology. This means that you should get an excellent result!

7 unusual hair shades: when, if not now

We have collected for you really the most unusual reprieve hair system shades and ways to dye your hair. Pink and gray strands will seem like boring classics when you see these pics!

On the other hand, if you have long wanted to try something unusual, then summer is  perhaps the best time to experiment. First, you don't have to cover your hair with a headdress and everyone can see your new color. Secondly, the summer months for many are the time of summer holidays, when you can really break away, forget about the rules and dress code.


1. "Ghost hair" better than reprieve hair system?

Many women of fashion have already dyed their reprieve hair system gray and lavender in previous seasons. But this metallic luminous color has not yet bored anyone. You can read here what technique can be used to achieve this effect.

And we will remind you once again that special care is needed for cold shades of hair so that you do not have to tint the strands too often and not injure them.

2. Reverse ombre

If you want to surprise everyone, do the opposite. For example, the opposite ombre , as in the photo, looks really unusual, but only due to the “change of the places of the terms”. However, if you decide to stretch the color the other way around, remember that light roots will grow back pretty quickly.

Yellow neon

With the wide distribution of direct pigments, a bright pink or even blue shade of hair is no longer a shock to anyone. But not every girl will choose neon yellow for herself. Meanwhile, yellow is a good solution for a bright temporary coloration for the summer, moreover, this color has become one of the hits of 2018. By the way, if you get bored with it and want to wash off the shade as soon as possible, use hair oil.

reprieve hair system 2021

4. Green hair shades

American TV star Kylie Jenner dyed her hair in different colors. But, perhaps, this green is one of the most unusual shades that we have seen on her. The question is, how can you experiment with reprieve hair system so often and boldly, so that it remains so healthy, shiny and long? The stars have their own secrets, but we are sure that masks for colored hair cannot be done without.

Screen painting

If monochromatic staining seems too boring to you, take a closer look at the stencil method. It's like changing from plain clothes to your favorite print. Which would you choose?

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