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How to make different shades in thin skin hair system?

6 quick ideas if your hair is having a bad day

 thin skin hair system

Even for girls with the most beautiful and well-groomed hair, it happens that the thin skin hair system is completely wrong, no matter what you do. Unfortunately, it happens just before leaving the house. For those times, try taking note of any of these six quick ideas. With their help, you can make a pretty decent look from a hairstyle called "I give up".

So, a bad thin skin hair system day: a two-in-one solution

Sometimes all it takes to get fresh, shiny hair that is already a hairstyle in itself is to wash it and use conditioner. Yes, it's that simple! But sometimes you ran, did not have time or did not calculate the time.

Editor's Tip: For occasions like this, try Basic Care 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, enriched with Pro-Moisture Complex. At other times, it is better to use shampoo and conditioner separately. However, if you are in a hurry, wash your hair at the gym, on a trip, do not want to carry many bottles with you, one universal remedy is a good solution.

And if there is no water

You can give your thin skin hair system a clean, fresh look without water. For example, if in the morning you turned it off (!), And there is no way to wash your hair.

Editor Tip: n but will help dry shampoo Dove Hair Therapy Refresh Care with green tea extract and silk proteins. It not only refreshes and deodorizes strands, but can also be used as a volumizing styling agent.

6 quick ideas if your thin skin hair system is having a bad day

Sometimes volume is not enough for a good hairstyle.

Have you cut your hair?

It so happens that the hair is clean, but still it lacks volume and lightness. Long strands sometimes cannot get the desired root volume under their own weight. Sometimes on days like this, you might tell yourself it's time to cut your hair. Perhaps you should not rush, but you can try the "fake square". A fake bob is very easy to make from long hair.

Should we use elastic band?

Just tie your long hair into a ponytail below the back of the head, fasten the elastic and the tip under the mass of hair - and now you have a lush bob. In winter, if you are wearing a sweater with a high, tight collar, you cannot even use an elastic band, but tuck part of your thin skin hair system inward. Surprised looks and questions about a haircut are guaranteed for you today!

Something has changed in you...

If you already have a square thin skin hair system

Let's say you have a real square. Unfortunately, it doesn't always look as lush as the “fake bob” from the previous paragraph. Especially if the hair is thin, straight and dry at the ends, they tend to stick out in different directions and look inexpressive.

Editor's tip: If you don't have enough time for a full curl style, try blow drying your hair upside down. Then comb thoroughly and coat the ends with Transforming Care Dry Oil. This African macadamia oil remedy will help fill dry ends and give them direction. In addition, it will give the strands shine and prevent hair splitting.

Again with a tail

You can just wave your hand, make a ponytail in the morning and go on business, like millions of other women. Or you can follow the example of beauty vlogger Luda BlushSupreme - see how she makes a quick and stylish ponytail with a scarf, and also explains other hairstyle trends of the current year:

Start over again with thin skin hair system styling

Or, for example, you have already done the styling, but you do not like it.

Editor's tip: Then the TIGI Bed Head after Party facelift comes to the rescue. This is a cream that does not weigh down, but on the contrary, refreshes the hair and makes it pliable so that the hairstyle can quickly take on a different shape. A real magic wand not only for professional stylists, but also for ordinary girls in front of the mirror in the morning!

Some copper in blonde hair.


If you're blonde, hygge is a great way to add some copper tone to your strands. The shade of copper thin skin hair system also works well on blonde hair, so you don't have to work hard on it and sign up for a beauty salon once again.

To restore hair after dyeing, it is worth using a mask from the same "Clover" series of "Chistaya Liniya" brand several times a week. It also helps to maintain the brightness of the color, and also gives the strands softness, shine and root volume. Moreover, the effect of the mask can be obtained in just 1 minute - so everyone who does not have enough time to take note.

  • Hygge hair auburn
  • hygge hair
  • Golden chestnut - the very warmth and naturalness.

How to get golden tone in thin skin hair system?

If becoming a fiery red is too drastic for you, you should try a more muted golden chestnut tone. This sophisticated and sophisticated shade is a blend of brown and dark red for a luxe, natural-looking hair color overall. It can be a very hygge style.

Perhaps warm caramel shades and a stretch of color will suit you.

A little tired of your usual thin skin hair system color? Perhaps highlighting individual strands or dyeing using the balayage technique will add a touch of warmth and "spark". At the same time, it is not always necessary to completely dye the hair, risking injury and damage to it.

  1. Shades of red is all about hygge hair
  2. A warm, fiery shade will add warmth to the look.
  3. Get ready; they will pay attention to bright red shades.

And finally, if you really want a real red - not brown and muted, but a bright and fiery color, get ready to be noticed.

thin skin hair system 2021


You can find more information on the 2021 hairstyle trends here. If you want more ideas for a new hair color for spring - here they are. By the way, do you know your color type and know how to choose a shade of hair to match the color of your skin and eyes?

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