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What is the difference between Natural wigs for men and artificial wigs? (Men Wig Cost 2021)

What is the difference between natural wigs for men and artificial wigs? (Men Wig Cost 2021)

What are the technologies for making wigs?

 Natural wigs for men

Making wigs for men is a laborious and time-consuming process that requires skill and professionalism. Similarly, making wigs take long time. For better results, wig makers prefer to make it by hands. You can buy a wig from natural hair or buy an artificial wig, and they will differ not only in material but also in manufacturing technology. 

What are the Wig components?

  1. Monture is the base of the wig.
  2. Hair cover.

Choosing hair for wigs for men

Before making a natural wig, the hair is carefully selected, disinfected, completely bleached and dyed in the desired color.

Generally, to create artificial hair, following materials are common:

  • Acrylic
  • Kanekalon
  • Nylon
  • Vinyl
  • Modacrylic
  • thermal fiber
How to attach hair to the base?
There are several types of fastening:
  1. Tambourine.The hairs are attached to the base only by hand. Basically, this method makes the hair look natural.
  2. Tresses. Hair wove into ribbons that are attached to the base. Tresses give the hair volume and allow it to stick in only one direction along the hair growth. Wigs for menmade using this method are much cheaper than wigs made using the tambour method. Similarly, there is an even more budgetary option - lightweight weft. They are lightweight and do not thicken the hair.
  3. Combination. Both methods of hair attachment can be combined in one wig. On the front and edge parts, a tambour is common; tresses attach to the back of the head. Moreover, this method is good because it combines low price, naturalness and quality.

How to choose wigs for men bas?

Monture - as the wig base is called - combines materials of different textures. The basis depends on the density, elasticity. All materials must be made of hypoallergenic and breathable materials. The comfort of wearing the wig will depend only on the base, whether the wig is suitable for long-term use for every day. 

Also, the attachment of hair to it depends on the base material, and, as a result, the price of the entire product.

Materials used for the base of the wig:

  1. Monofilament - used for manual fastening method.
  2. Nylon tulle - tresses are sewn onto it.
  3. Stretch mesh - suitable for tambouring and tress.
  4. Strips of stretch fabric - tresses are attached to them.

The technology for making wigs for men is a fine workmanship that requires care, painstaking work and a lot of time. 

If you are looking to buy a natural wig or faux hair wig for daily wear, please note that it should fit and look natural. In addition, the scalp needs to breathe. The most inconspicuous wigs are wigs made by the tambour method, from natural hair or kanekalon on a mesh basis.

What determines the cost of wigs for men?

Do you want to buy an inexpensive artificial wig or a natural one? In this article, you will find out what the price of a wig depends on. This information will help you not to get confused in the wig store, and choose the one that best suits your desires and budget. 

If you want to buy a natural wigs for men , then you need to understand that the price for it is initially higher than for an artificial one. Because natural hair is used, which in itself is not cheap.

What is the difference between natural wigs?

  1. Basics.

They are:

- mesh;

- tress;

- tress with mesh surface.

The tress is a piece of fabric to which hair is attached. Wigs for men only on a tress basis are good for budget, but they have a significant disadvantage. Moreover, the scalp does not breathe in them, and such wigs are not suitable for long-term wear.

 Natural wigs for men`

Commonly, mesh wigs are the most expensive. Because they are made by hand, and this is a very painstaking work - each hair is individually attached to the net. These wigs are very light and comfortable to wear, suitable for long-term wear.

Tress with mesh insert - medium version. If your budget does not allow you to purchase a wig on a mesh basis, then such a wig will be an excellent solution. Similarly, it is suitable for long-term wear.

2. Material of natural wigs for men

Generally, natural wigs come from real hair. After purchase, the hair is processed. After it, they are well combed out and discolored. They paint in the desired color and then sew wigs from them.

Synthetic wigs differ in quality from natural ones. 

Synthetic wigs are:

  1. from kanekalon;
  2. made of heat-resistant fiber;
  3. from modacrylic.

The highest quality products come from kanekalon or modacrylic. In this case, artificial hair is very thin and very close to natural. Less quality, but quite popular are thermal fiber wigs. The hair here also looks decent and does not have a clear, "doll" shine. Cheap faux wigs don't fit well, look unnatural and quickly lose their presentable look.

  1. General characteristics: manufacturer, hair length, type and color. This also needs to think when choosing.

If you want to buy wigs for men, the price will be lower than a custom wig. Consider all the parameters when choosing a wig! Subsequently, our online wig store offers a large assortment for every taste. 

In order to learn how to wear it, I ordered a completely budget wig made of artificial hair so as not to accidentally ruin the expensive one. I strongly advise you to rehearse on such a budget option. It won't disappear - even such an inexpensive wig will look great on a selfie, in a nightclub, at a party with friends. It is clear that this is not a thing for a diplomatic reception, not for the Nobel Prize, and not for the Red carpet.

How many types of Wigs for men are there?

There are many types of wigs, there are those that are worn from the middle of the head, there are those with ready-made hairstyles.

My wig is traditional, made on a net, I can do any hairstyle from it myself and it is very easy to put on and use it.

The wig came packed in a fine net. It is also good to store it in it. If you have a desire to purchase special mannequins for bragging about a wig, this will not harm the product. However, synthetic Wigs for men are quite unpretentious and do not require special attention.

Together with a wig, it makes sense to order a bald hat for you. In the photo above, she is visible to the left of the wig.

There are special combs to fix the wig on the hair, as well as a cap circumference adjuster, which is very easy to change to the desired size.

My wig has a parting, I wonder if I can make it straight and put it on a little obliquely. However, this wig looks more natural with a parted part.

If you are planning to take a few selfies or shoot a video in your home studio, I would not glue the wig.

However, if you need to go out in it, then without gluing it may turn out to be unreliable.

In order to glue the wig, we need a strong grip styling gel. A mandatory requirement for it is the strongest possible degree of fixation and the inscription "Glue", or "glue".

Where to order Wigs for men?

I heeded the advice of all the beauty bloggers in the world and ordered my first budget wig in a huge Internet market. You can also buy from here.

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