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How to wear a Men Wig? (Choosing a wig for men by colour in 2021)

How to wear a Men Wig? (Choosing a wig for men by colour in 2021)

 Men Wig

Instructions for choosing the size and color of wig


The choice of men wig only depends on the size of your head. Popular wigs are medium in size. We took everything into account and created a cheat sheet. With it, you can choose a wig not only in size, but also choose the color that suits you.

How to choose a men wig by size?

 You need to focus on the already available standard sizes and head circumference measurements. 

Wigs are:

  • Very small - head circumference 48-50 cm. As a rule, these are children's wigs or wigs for owners of a very neat head
  • Small - head circumference 51-53 cm. Size for teenagers and those with a small head
  • Medium - head circumference 54-57 cm. Popular size among women and a small part of men
  • Large - head circumference 58-61 cm. Size for men or women with large heads

By measuring the circumference of your head, you can determine the appropriate size for your wig. 

What else to look for when choosing a wig? 

On the features of its design. For example, a medium-sized wig with a natural leather insert will be slightly smaller than a similar wig without the same insert.


Synthetic hair men wig on a weft base (regular cap) are of a standard size, but can be adjusted with special straps located on the inside.

2. How to choose a men wig by color? 

In order to choose a wig that will suit you, you need to consider:

  • Eye color
  • Skin tone
  • Your daily makeup
  • Age
  • The look you want from a wig: as natural or eye-catching as possible 

Popular wigs are natural color.

Eye color

  • If you have blue or gray eyes, give preference to blonde or light brown shades.
  • You have brown eyes and or with a tint to match brown, then choose golden shades.
  • If the eyes are green, look at the copper shades.

Skin tone

If your skin tone is warm, don't go for dark colors.

If the skin is too light, be careful to choose bright colors such as: red, chestnut, black.


If you want to look younger, look for warm shades and golden hues.

Dark shades give the image austerity and add a couple of years.

How to choose a men wig?

Hair loss in the stronger sex is quite common. And not everyone is ready to put up with it. And if a man leads a media lifestyle, if he is an actor or model, and maybe a stage performer, then the issue of getting rid of the thinning crown or bald patches at the temples is especially acute. 

An excellent solution is to buy a wig on the website bekinghair  online men wig store. By looking at the website, you can explore the range of luxury offers in detail. Here, high quality is flawlessly combined with reasonable prices. You can choose a wig that will skillfully hide problem areas.

You can buy a high quality men wig that will flawlessly fit your face and hide the imperfections of your hair.

 buy Men Wig

The choice of male wig is important to determine the size, as well as pick up hair color and shape of hair. Ideally, if there is an opportunity to go to the salon to try on a model of different lengths and textures on the spot. 

And if there is no time for this, or maybe you are embarrassed, then on the site you can do everything without wasting time. After reviewing the best wig products, you can make an intelligent choice and place your order directly on the site.  

Why choosing a men wig?

When choosing a wig for a man? it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material from which it is made. A natural look so that it is not striking that this is not your head of hair - this is a very important point. If you are constantly going to wear a wig, in this case, an excellent solution would be to choose models from good natural hair.  

Of the positive characteristics of men's wigs, lightness and hypoallergenicity should be distinguished, as well as naturalness and no need for styling.  

Natural men wig are long-lasting and natural, easy to maintain. 

Recommendations and proper care of the wig

For a wig to last a long time, it must not only be made with high quality. Proper care of your wig after purchase is important. And if all the rules are followed, the wig will last as long as possible. 

What does proper care of a wig include? 

  1. Before washing, you need to carefully comb the wig, untangle all the knots. 
  2. Use a special detergent for synthetic hair. 
  3. Choose combs with sparse teeth for a good comb and unraveling of knots. If your hair is curly, comb it with your fingers. 
  4. Dry and store the wig on a special stand. If not, then a three-liter jar will do. 
  5. If your wig is not made of thermal fiber, then do not use curling irons, hot air dryers, and avoid other heat treatments of the wig. 
These rules apply to both men's and women's wigs. 

If you follow these recommendations, the wig will last you as long as possible. 
Our wig store offers you a large selection of wigs to suit every budget. You can come to our salon, try on the wig you like, and our consultants will always prompt and help you with the choice.


How to put a men wig?

This is especially common in creating images for drag queen actors. This makes it possible to make rough masculine features lighter and more open-minded. I don’t like to pull the skin, and I do just use glue, but I think that silicone tapes are safer to wear a wig, for example, outdoors, in harsh weather conditions or for historical reenactors.

Many young men and women use ordinary tapes and plasters for gluing wigs, degreasing their skin with alcohol. Free will - but I will not recommend this to people with a healthy psyche.

We put on a wig; apply the gel to the remaining edge of the mesh we cut off. It is convenient to do it both with your hands and with the help of cotton swabs. Press the net tightly to the head and dry it with a hairdryer.

Hair dryers are different, mine dries better in a cold mode (which is clear, heat expands the distance between molecules in any substance and the gel will melt more than dry). Different gels take different time to dry. If the skin is oily, then it makes sense to first degrease it with any alcohol-based product. Also, the wig cannot be glued to the finished makeup.


If I'm in a hurry or I'm too lazy to stick a wig, then I put it on, like many girls, under a hat. Very comfortably!


Putting on a men wig is not difficult, but I will tell you from my experience - not a single tutorial will be the only correct one, you need to look everything in place. And the type of wig, and the materials and accessories for putting it on.

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