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How Long Do Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces Last? When to Change?

A Guide to Increasing the Lifespan of Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces

Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces have been a trend for centuries. Male pattern baldness also commonly known as alopecia affects at least 1 in 5 men worldwide. It is less common in the twenties but as the age progresses to the forties; it impacts 1 out of 3 men.

 It might not be a serious threat to health, but it greatly influences a man’s personality and confidence.  Some men might accept baldness as an age-old circumstance; others still often opt for a full hair head.

Fortunately, the world has progressed thus availability of the instant solution for baldness is readily available. Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces can instantly resolve this issue.

They are quite effective in improving one’s appearance and boost confidence instantly. Although they are the most instantaneous solution which does not last in long term, it is still widely preferred.

Lifespan of a Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces

The market is full of varieties in high, medium, and low-quality toupees. High-quality toupees are usually very before investing in a good toupee some points need proper consideration.

 Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces


A Hair Toupee is a headpiece or a small wig. It is often made by using natural (Human hair) or artificial hair.  Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces conceal partial baldness or full head baldness. Widely common in men, some women also use hair extensions to lengthen or give body to the existing hair.


Many rely on hair toupees to look and feel their best. They refer to as an essential piece n daily styling.  Hair toupees can change a look is a blessing for those who have experienced partial or complete hair loss.

They are a game-changer. They are a constant source to boost one’s confidence and improve personality. This is a reason they are widely popular when it comes to men. This gives rise to the question of the life span of one’s hair toupee.

Whether you are new or have been using toupees for a while, hair toupees need constant care and attention. Along with taking its care, many things can prolong a hair toupee’s life span.

Most of the time hair toupees are custom made. Although it may seem difficult but maintaining a hairpiece in the utmost condition is a lot easier than it may seem. This can improve the lifespan of a hair piece drastically.

Types of a Hair Toupee

As mentioned earlier, toupees are made of human hair or artificial hair. Human hair is put together using hands work hence it takes time and neatness. They look more natural hair like feel.

It often costs more than the artificial one. Human hair toupee is worth its price because it is custom made so it fits perfectly. It also caters to different hair colors, textures, lengths, volume, and cut.

Whereas artificial hair toupees are less costly but they tend to give an unnatural feel. It might be detectible at times too. They already have a short life span and do not blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.

One more important factor when choosing Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces is that it just doesn’t mean to plop a hairpiece directly on the head. It takes wig caps, grips, mesh pieces, metal clips, scalp adhesives as well as hair adhesives to stick a hairpiece in its place.

 Hair toupees cater to both; men who have a stationary job or an outdoor job. Deciding on the right toupee that suits your needs can be challenging. There are special experts who advise on the best type of care and treatment when dealing with your toupee.

Maintenance of a Hair Toupee

No one knows how long a toupee or hairpiece can last. Lifestyle factors and quality of the hairpiece have a great impact on the durability of the toupee. Day to day maintenance, cleaning, and conditioning of the toupee can make a big difference in its longevity. Things to do to keep your toupees in good shape are:

Using right products

Wash the hairpiece once a week with the use of a suggested shampoo. If you did not get any recommendations while buying the toupee it is always best to use hair salon-quality shampoos and conditioners.

They usually have a pH neutral base with moisturizing abilities. Alcohol-free ingredients are the best. Cleaning the toupee’s inner side is also as important as cleaning the outside. You can use the same shampoo and conditioner on the outside but being gentle is the key.

Be Gentle

Being gentle is very important. De-tangle the tangles before making the hairpiece wet. This ensures any unnecessary breakage. Use wide-tooth and soft-bristled brushes and combs for this purpose.

Use lukewarm water gently massaging shampoo and conditioners into the hair toupee. Don’t soak the toupee. Wash out the cleaners as after rinsing.

Wash Etiquettes

After washing the hair piece avoid squeezing or twisting it. To get the excess water out use a towel and do not rub your hairpiece. This can damage the hair quality quite badly.


Let the hair toupee air dry. Give it some time to do so. The best way to do this is by placing it on a mannequin so that it does not lose its shape or style.

Electronic Use

Overuse of hairdryers, straighteners, and curlers on your hair toupee is very damaging. If the use of these appliances is unavoidable, use them on cool settings. High temperatures can damage the hair on the toupee. The hair on the hair piece does not grow back so once it’s damaged it becomes useless.

Sulfate free Products

Avoid sulfate-free shampoos. They cause irritation to the scalp and hair because it dries out the natural oils from the hair.

Leave-in Conditioners

Hair pieces are unable to create these natural oils themselves, so it's important to apply a leave-in conditioner regularly. Otherwise, the hair piece can dry out giving a very limp look.

Once a Week Wash

Do not wash the hair toupee too often. Once a week is more than enough. This way the hair piece will remain shiny and soft.  

Styling Products

Since styling products are full of chemicals, avoid using these products. They can potentially damage the hair on the toupee. Even if you have to use the gel and styling products keep them limited to the ends of the hairpiece or toupee.

Swimming Etiquettes

For longer toupee life don’t use hair piece while swimming.  But if the need arises, use a protecting leave-in conditioner or a swimming cap.

Sleeping Etiquettes

Do not sleep with your hair piece on. This can destroy the hairstyling and shape of the toupee. If you are one of those persons who like to sleep with your hair toupee on, use pillows that are made of soft satin so that they cause less friction. Friction is a major cause of hair fall.

Reactivating Leave-in Products

Before wearing the head piece, lightly spray the toupee with water. This will help in reactivating if you had used any product earlier. This way you will not need to use the product again.

Typical Life Span of a Hair Toupee

The points mentioned above are really helpful in maintaining the long life span of your toupee. By following them you can wear the head piece with full confidence. Furthermore, a hair toupee is a big investment not just money-wise but also your personality-wise.

The more you take care of it the more it will take care of you. Integrating the hair toupee naturally with your own hair can help provide a boost in self-assurance.

The typical lifespan of a human hair toupee totally depends on you. Using the right Toupee hair piece accessories would increase its lifespan. This is a fact the high-quality material will always last longer. This needs to be in an account that even high-quality materials need maintenance too.

To find the best hair replacement system for yourself, Contact Us, Right Away.

 Men’s Toupee Hair Pieces

A nicely manufactured hair toupee also needs proper attention and care. According to experts, the life expectancy of a well-manufactured hair toupee is up to 6 to 10 months. This expectancy is based on the daily usage of the hair toupee.

However, there is a whole congregation of factors that influence the longevity of a hairpiece. Use of high quality on your hair toupee assures long life.
If the hairpiece is manufactured properly and time is spent on its caring there is no need to worry about how it will look on you.

In case the hair toupee ends up getting damaged, you can fix it with the help of an expert. Simple repairs at home are easy enough for you to perform.

This has been a trick as old as time to wear hair pieces like toupees for men. They are much easier to use with not very high maintenance. A little care and gentleness go a long way.

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