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Wigs for Men-Difference Between Shedding and Hair loss

Bringing wigs for men back in style

Hair is associated with beauty in many parts of the world. The appearance of hair reflects a person’s personality hence wigs for men are a top emerging product. Hair shedding and hair loss is a sensitive topic. Multiple reasons can trigger shedding hair; the type of hair loss decides the severity of a treatment plan.

Treatment plans for hair loss may be surgical or non-surgical. The matter of choosing surgery depends on medical advice and personal preference. Hair replacement systems and surgical plans are both favorable choices. Hair loss begins from the scalp but in ends in high levels of stress.

There is no more a need for stressing out when affective treatment options are available in bulk. Most medical professionals recommend adopting non-surgical treatments before going under the knife. Hair replacement systems give the consumer a general idea of the type of hair they want.

Wigs For Men: Male pattern hair loss

Male pattern hair loss can occur in both male and females. Surprisingly, genetics play a pivotal role I hair loss. “The apple does not fall far from the tree” could not have been more appropriate when explaining genetics and hair loss.  Genetics and sex hormones directly affect hair loss.

Excessive production of androgens leads to the weakening of hair follicles. Hair loss is more about health than anything else.

If family history of baldness exists, a handy tip for examining hair is to regularly finger comb through the hair on the crown. A receding hairline and thinning around the crown is an indication of male pattern baldness, doctors use these indications for diagnosis as well. People with male pattern baldness have a distinct “M” shape.

Male pattern baldness does not happen overnight, it progresses slowly. Unfortunately, there is no way to entirely stop male pattern baldness nevertheless it can be covered artistically. Male hair products have always been on a commercial high. Hair products have evolved from simple maintenance to styling, modifying and altering hair.

Common characteristics of wigs for men

A wig (also known as toupee) is a piece of head wear meant to cover balding areas. Wigs are available in many ranges and qualities. The wigs for covering baldness are not the same as what a performer would wear for a show, they are immaculately made to cover and hide baldness.

The judgement of a good quality wig is quite simple. A good wig should not be recognized by the naked eye. The whole motive of wearing a wig is to make it look natural.

Wigs for men

 Although this is a myth that a wig can get blown away on a windy day, wigs are secured on the scalp with tape and strong adhesives. Wigs can detachable or bonded depending upon the ease of use. They have to be maintained and groomed for extended use.

Is the hair real or not?

Wigs are either synthetic or made from human hair. Raw materials for synthetic hair are nylon, acrylic, polyester and modacrylic. In recent years, the quality of synthetic hair has considerably improved. The appearance of synthetic hair is natural and glossy but hay-like texture prevails on touch. Synthetic are comparatively cheaper in respect to human hair wigs.

Synthetic wigs for men are opted for wear on short functions whereas human hair wigs are generally bought for longer wear.

Human hair wigs are preferred more partly because they look and feel genuine. In some countries selling hair for wig making has conspired in to a job. Usually women grow out their hair and sell them at cheap rates to wig manufacturing countries, virgin hair is sold at a higher rate. Human hair is easier to style in contrast to synthetic hair. Human wigs are not as sensitive to heat as synthetic wigs.


Lace front wigs become a viral obsession

Platforms for buying wigs have shifted to the internet. People buy “one size fits all” wigs under the assurance of return. Custom order wigs are available, according to given measurements. Lace front wigs have recently become a viral sensation.

Lace front wigs are the talk of the town. Using both types of hair results in combined advantages. The styling properties of synthetic hair and natural appeal of natural hair makes a wig durable as well as economical.

In cases of male pattern baldness, a receding hairline is common. A receding hair line drops men directly in to the middle age category. Wigs can appear unnatural without a proper hairline; this is where lace front wigs come in.

Lace front wigs have a sheer lace base for the hairline. Visually the hair seems to be originating directly from the scalp. Lace front wigs have made it impossible to distinguish between real hair and wigs. Full length lace wigs are also available.


Is the wig life for you?

People have surgeries and choose alternate treatment plans instead of wigs all the time. In any case wigs do give you a confidence boost in the outer world but they have to be taken off at some point. Using wigs is not a permanent solution and they can often be hard to manage.

Unkempt wigs are responsible of itchy scalps and sweating. Continuous use of wigs increases the risk of inflammation in the scalp.

Usually people start their hair loss journeys by wearing a wig. Wigs encourage consumers to pursue more extreme methods of cure. Consumers outgrow wigs and want a permanent solution.

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Wigs For Men: Take Away

The world does not judge people wearing wigs anymore nor is it a laughing matter. Wearing hair pieces is a personal choice and it should be respected for whatever reason. Wigs for men and women have a larger variety now because people with diverse hair types are using them. The hesitation of wearing wigs in non-existent as the acceptance rate has improved.

For more information regarding the best wigs and where to find them, contact us now.

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