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Hair Units for Men in China- High Quality Hair Replacement Patches

Why Hair Units for Men could be the next top trend in China?

Hair units for men are becoming increasingly popular in China because more and more people are reporting increasing hair loss issues. Chinese Association for Health Promotion and Education reported that 1 out of 6 people in China, that makes up 250 million of the population, is suffering from hair loss.

Chinese people have never had to worry much about losing hair previously. This was because thick hair is a part of the East Asian genes. But the younger lot of the Chinese generation is now reporting a crumbling hair health situation.

In a study conducted at Tsinghua University Beijing, around 60% of the students reported having serious hair loss. While 40% of the students reported noticing a receding hairline.

Studies associate the prevalence of bad hair health in Chinese millennials with a lot of factors. These include a poor diet, unhealthy routine, and irregular sleeping patterns.

How Baldness Intercedes in Everyday life.

The Society uses phrases like 'bald is beautiful' to assure men that shedding hair is not that big of a problem. And that men will not become outcasts if they shed all their hair and went bald. But still, men going through hair loss often fall prey to depression. Most men with hair loss anxiety rarely open up to anyone about it. 

 Hair Units For Men

Because of the hair-loss induced depression and the lack of confidence, many young men may lose their social productivity. And their extroversive personality might take a serious hit.

Shedding hair is not only a scalp health-related issue. It also takes a serious toll on men’s mental health as most men find it difficult to confide in people about their traumatic deteriorating scalp condition. And consequently, they fall further into the darkness of depression  

Solutions for Hair loss Men’s Hair-loss issue.

Providing a suitable solution for men’s hair-loss issues is not only important for their physical appearance but is equally (if not more) important to guard their mental health.

There are quite a few solutions available for men to fight hair loss. Some of them are:

Hair Units for Men

These are a safe and quick alternative to other hair replacement procedures. These hair units are made of synthetic or human hair which the weave-makers knot into a base. The base is made up of different materials and is placed on the scalp using medical adhesive.

Hair sprays and shampoos

With increasing hair loss problems, especially among the younger population, the hair care products industry is booming. But shampoos and hair spray all contain a variety of chemicals that may explicitly harm the scalp and hair. And contrary to what they claim, hair fall ‘rescue’ shampoos and hair sprays might end up damaging the hair even more.


Doctors prescribe medicines such as finasteride and Minoxidil to fight the symptoms of male pattern baldness and other hair loss problems. Both medications come with a host of side effects. And people might have to take them indefinitely to maintain their benefits.

Surgical Hair replacement systems

Surgical hair transplants are probably the most sought-after cure for hair loss and balding problems. But hair transplant surgeries are uncomfortable, if not painful. They involve the use of sedatives and anesthesia that have their complexities, and the results of transplant surgeries might take months to be noticeable.

Hair units for men-What, Why and How?

Hair units for men offer the most viable solution for premature hair loss in men. They offer a lot of benefits over their alternatives and are much easier to carry.

Hair units for men, also called hair weaves, are made from either synthetic or human hair. They come in a variety of designs but are usually customized based on the client’s hair density and growth direction to give a natural look.

Polymer, lace, or BioSkin are some materials used to make the base of a hair unit with synthetic or human hair strands knotted in them.

These hair units for men are placed on the scalp and are kept in place using an adhesive that is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Experts claim hair units for men can last for 3 weeks up to 4 months with no replacement. But this depends on how well people care for their hair units. Hair units for men do not interfere with the routine of the people who get them. They can shower, sleep, workout, and even swim with their hair units on.

 Hair Units For Men Suppliers

Why Choose Hair Units for Men?

Hair units for men are more affordable than surgeries, which can cost anywhere up to $15,000 without guaranteeing that the results would be satisfactory. While hair units for men are available in a variety of different styles within the range of $300.

Hair units for men provide a pain-free solution to men’s balding problem, unlike surgeries, which are painful and have a large recovery period. Opting for hair units for men can give people a head full of beautiful and natural-looking hair within 3 hours unlike surgeries which may take hours to complete and months for people to recover from them.

Choosing chemical-laden shampoos or harmful medicines to treat hair loss can lead to more aggravated hair loss, and damaged scalp. Moreover, results from such treatments take years to be noticeable. 

Hair units for men guarantee quick and efficient results. While surgical procedures and chemical or medical treatments take years to become visible, using hair units for men will have immediate results without men having to go through the hassle of surgeries or
picking shampoos and hair sprays.

How to get Hair Units for Men?

To get hair units for men, people may have to book an appointment with hair units’ experts, BeKing Hair. The hair unit experts will then call the clients in for a consultation and scalp analysis. After the consultation, they will give the clients a hair unit as per their requirements and natural hair attributes.

An as balding and receding hairline is becoming increasingly common among the young Chinese population, they are looking for solutions to save their scalp from going bare. 

In this endeavor, many people venture into surgical hair transplants or opt for chemical infused shampoos. While transplant surgeries are inconvenient and painful, shampoos and medicines offer more disadvantages than advantages. 

Owing to the benefits it has to offer, getting a hair unit might be the only practicable solution for hair loss problems. Hair units not only provide efficient results but are also affordable with promising and instant results.

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