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How to style hair units for men? (Wig washing Guide)

Haircut and styling of the wig

Wigs become more perfect every year. Today, it is not so easy to distinguish them from real hair. A well-chosen hair units for men looks like a dear one, and often becomes the beginning of a new, bright image.

Not surprisingly, fashionistas of all ages are increasingly glancing with interest in the direction of false curls. Changing your usual image without harming your hair is not a dream!

However, pleasing a man is an art.

Sometimes the color and texture of the hair suits one hundred percent, but the length and hairstyle do not correspond to preferences at all. In this case, standard hairdressing procedures are appropriate: haircut, styling.

Is it worth cutting, styling the hair units for men at home?

If you do not have a hairdressing training, leave the venture yourself to reduce the length or trim the bangs. The experiment may result in damage to the product.

Such work should be done by a master - preferably one who has experience in handling hairpieces and wigs.

When it comes to styling, the hair units for men should lie naturally. To do this, you need to correctly select, and then lay down the original lines. Without certain knowledge and special tools, it is extremely difficult to do this.

Of course, you will not spoil the wig: it is enough to wash and dry - it is ready for styling again. However, too frequent manipulation will also not be beneficial.

It is much wiser to entrust the procedure to a person who will do it efficiently, accurately, quickly the first time.

Artificial hair units for men care rules

Is your wig made from synthetic kanekalon fiber?

It was invented by scientists from the Japanese center Aderans and contains seaweed. The material has a fine structure and is able to retain its 
shape after washing.

Products made from kanekalona can be:
hair units for men

  • cut;
  • lay with a special gel;
  • curl slightly by winding wet curls on curlers and leaving to dry at room temperature. 

For styling, use a special shampoo, balm and spray. Natural hair products are not suitable: your hair units for men will look dull and lifeless because most of these fluids are oil based. It is only necessary to
wash and lay products made of synthetic fibers with special means.

Keep the Kanekalon model away from hot air! Be careful around ovens, fireplaces, barbecues and heaters.

When styling, NEVER use a hairdryer, curling iron, hot curlers or other heating objects. After exposure to heat, the fibers will become curly and brittle.


Congratulations, you can now change your hairstyle without worrying about ruining your hair.


  1. Use a curling iron, but not higher than 150 degrees (unless another limit is specified)
  2. Curl with hot curlers.
  3. Do styling with a hairdryer (no higher than 150 degrees). 

Synthetic wig washing (including heat resistant)

Synthetic models, unlike natural ones, do not require frequent washing. But with a long wear, the product becomes dull; the hairstyle loses its shape. In order for the wig to always look great, hair units for men must be washed periodically, depending on the intensity of the wear.

To wash a wig of any length you need:

  1. Gently, using a brush or fingers, untangle knots and stray hair.
  2. Dilute the shampoo in water at room temperature (1 tablespoon / 1 liter of water).
  3. Soak the wig in water for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Then rinse thoroughly in running water until all traces of shampoo disappear.
  5. Wrap in a soft towel.
  6. If the base (cap) is heavily soiled with makeup, make a paste of baking soda and shampoo (1: 1). Gently rub the dirty areas with a toothbrush.
  7. Spray conditioner on clean, slightly damp hair from a distance of 15-20 cm. It will give a natural shine and splendor.
  8. To restore long wigs after washing, add a small amount of conditioner to the water and let sit for 5 minutes. Do not rinse!
  9. It is necessary to dry it by hanging it on a hook behind the label with the brand name. This will always keep the shape.
  10. Models made of heat-resistant and blended fibers when sectioning the hair can be restored with a styling iron, ironing small strands with a spray of water beforehand. 

Attention! Do not wring or curl the wig, or dry it on your head as this will stretch the cap.

How to wear hair units for men correctly?

A wig is an indispensable item for men suffering from hair problems, as well as those who want to make the image spectacular, to achieve a radical change of image. In order for the product to look natural, not constrain movement, or distract, you need to learn how to put hair units for men on correctly.

This process does not take very long, especially with practice.

These are just general recommendations, because each head has a unique shape, which means its own nuances. Over time, you can get used to them and find a convenient way to put it on.

Head preparation

To keep the real hair out of the way, it is best to collect it at the back of the head or below and fix it well. If the length permits, the hair can be divided into zones and tightly braided.

For the most effective result, use a special mesh or beige cap. They are worn over natural curls; without them, the wig may simply slip off the head.


Before trying on a product, you should take care of its appearance. Run your hand over the strands, shake. This will help add volume to the curls and achieve more naturalness. You can comb the strands. It is worth using a massage brush or a comb with rare teeth for this.

How to put hair units for men on?

After all the preparations, you can proceed directly to putting on.
buy hair units for men

  1. Take the trim by the edges. This can be done in several ways: behind the front and back, on both sides near the ears.
  2. With your head tilted forward, start putting the garment on the top of your head, moving towards your neck.
  3. Try to bring it to the back of your head.
  4. Pay attention to the back of the hair units for men: sometimes the fake strands are curled inward, you need to pull them out and distribute.
  5. The product can be straightened by slightly pulling at the base of the strands or by fixing the base with your fingers.
  6. To make the hairstyle look symmetrical, correct the temporal zones check the location of the parting: it should run smoothly and not fall to the sides.

As a result, the wig should sit right on the hair and more closely match the growth lines of the natural strands.

You can correct strands that have come out of your hair with your fingers, like natural curls. It is enough just to correctly position the hairstyle over a hat or mesh.

Men additionally attach the hair units for men to the edge with small pins. This is an optional condition for comfortable wearing of the product.
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