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How to choose male wigs real hair size and colour? (Male wigs Guide 20201)

Pros and Cons of Artificial Male Wigs

Your choice fell on a faux wig. Now the most important thing remains - to choose on what basis and from what material your wig will be. Our article will help you make the right choice and buy an inexpensive male wigs rare hair.

What is Synthetic male wigs rare hair?

  1. from kanekalon;
  2. made of heat-resistant fiber;
  3. from modacrylic.

Kanekalon wigs are the second most popular after human hair wigs. They look natural and don't have the doll-like sheen of other faux wigs. But kanekalon wigs have a drawback - they cannot be dyed, curled or otherwise heat treated. If this is important to you, then pay attention to thermal fiber wigs.

Thermo fiber wigs are lightweight, non-shiny and average in price. But they cannot be painted.

Modacrylic wigs have shine, look less natural and are the cheapest in price.

What to look for when choosing a male wigs rare hair?

  1. To make the wig invisible to others.
  2. The wig must be breathable.
  3. The wig simulates the scalp.
  4. It is better to choose lightweight.

Our wig store offers a large selection of wigs! You can buy a male wigs rare hair based on your budget, purpose, and taste.

male wigs real hair

Repair of wigs

Can a damaged wig be salvaged? Of course, it all depends on the degree of damage. But do not rush to throw the product away! Let's see what you can do with it.

Wig repair includes:

  1. Adding hair loss, or replacing entire areas.
  2. Increase or decrease the size of the wig.
  3. Wig base repair, replacement of tie bands, stretched sections, installation of clips.
  4. Restoration of color to the original.
  5. Add or reduce hair density.
  6. Eliminate tangles and highly tangled areas.

Don't be discouraged if your wig needs a repair. The above problems are easy to solve.

How to choose the size and color of the male wigs rare hair?

If you are planning to buy male wigs rare hair and will wear it every day, then the choice of a wig should be approached carefully. In other articles, we've talked about the basics of a wig and the materials from which the hair comes from. In this article, we will focus on the size and color of the wig. 

How not to miscalculate with the size? 

The size of the cap is determined by measuring the circumference of the head. To make you comfortable in a wig, it should not squeeze your head, and should not "dangle". 

The size of wigs is: 

  • small - 52-54 cm (suitable for children, women with small heads);
  • standard - 55-57 cm (female);
  • large - 58-60 cm (male).

Please note: if most models are small or large for you, choose custom-sized wigs.

How to choose correct male wig color? 

Choose a shade of hair based on the color of the eyes, the skin effect you want to achieve. 

How to care for your synthetic hair wig?

For a wig to last a long time, it should come from good quality source. Proper care after purchase is essential. And if we follow all the rules, the wig will last as long as possible. A human hair wig is an expensive pleasure and it will be a shame if, due to improper care, its lifespan is reduced.

What does proper care of a wig include? 
  1. Before washing, you need to carefully comb the wig, untangle all the knots. 
  2. Use a special detergent for synthetic hair. 
  1. Choose combs with sparse teeth for a good comb and knot removal. If your hair is curly, comb it with your fingers. 
  2. Do not comb wet strands! Wait for the wig to dry completely. 
  3. Do not comb the entire length at once. Start at the ends and work your way up. 
  4. Dry and store the wig on a special stand. If not, then a three-liter jar will do. 
  5. If your male wigs rare hair have of thermal fiber, then do not use curling irons, hot air dryers, and avoid other heat treatments of the wig. 

    buy male wigs real hair

These rules apply to both men's and women's wigs. 

If you follow these recommendations, the wig will last you as long as possible. 

But if something went wrong, then in our wig store you can not only buy a wig, but also get proper care, and, if necessary, repair.

Do you want to buy male wigs rare hair?

 Our article will help you make the right choice.

Natural wigs differ in the basics. The quality of wearing a wig depends on it. 

The basics are: 

  1. Made with a typewriter. Tight top and wefts to which the hair is attached. A budget option, but not intended for daily wear. 
  2. Made half by hand, half by typewriter. Monogrid weft. The hair is attached to the net by hand. A great option for an average budget! 
  3. Made entirely by hand. The entire base consists of a mesh, to which each hair is manually attached. These wigs are very light. With these wigs, you can do any parting and the hair will look very natural. 

Based on the types of wig bases, we can conclude: if the budget allows, then the best option would be a natural wig on a mesh base, made by hand. These wigs are the lightest and most breathable! 

The price of a natural male wigs rare hair also depends on the origin of the hair. In our store you will find variety of wigs. 

Slavic hair wigs have a variety of structures - straight, curly, wavy. They are easier to care for and you can do whatever you want with them - paint, highlight or tint.

Pros and cons of artificial male wigs rare hair

Synthetic wigs come from synthetic fibers. You can buy a wig inexpensively if you understand the pros and cons, consider the material and the duration of the wear.

Popular materials:

  1. kanekalon wigs;
  2. Heat resistant fiber wigs;
  3. Modacrylic wigs.


  1. Synthetic wigs are much cheaper than natural wigs.
  2. Synthetic wig doesn't need styling.
  3. Wigs made of thermal fiber or kanekalon do not have a “doll” sheen.


  1. Most shades have an unnatural look and shine.
  2. If the wig is not made of thermal fiber and kanekalon, then it cannot get heat treatment - curled, straightened. 
  3. The service life of an artificial wig is up to 2 years, with proper care.


Sorted out the pros and cons of faux wigs. Which to choose? You decide. But we can give you a couple of tips:

  1. If budget allows, it is better to choose natural male wigs rare hair made of kanekalon or thermal fiber.
  2. It is best to choose a wig not by the material, but by the base. The best choice is hair replacement systems, wigs with a light mesh, mono wigs or a more budget option - wigs with a lightweight base.
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