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5 Precautions for a new undetectable hair system for men


How to style undetectable hair system for men?

Only natural undetectable hair system for men can be styled, since the synthetic fibers from which artificial products are made cannot be exposed to high temperatures. Also, it is impossible to create long-term styling on such hair, since they do not have a "memory" of a given shape, but short-term styling will do.

Before laying

It is important to comb your hair, wash gently in warm water with shampoo, rinse in clean water, apply balm and other care products, after which you can start drying at gentle temperature conditions and styling.

undetectable hair system for men

How to do hair on a wig?

Proper styling of the product allows you to create a variety of hairstyles. For example, the option might be as follows. If the wig has straight hair, then it can be combed and styled with a comb in neat waves or cute curls. You will need curlers to create a new style.

Comb through pre-moistened hair and apply styling product. After that, wind on the curlers, starting from the frontal zone. Once the hairstyle is finished, put on the mesh and then blow dry.

Tools, accessories used

The undetectable hair system for men come on a special stand, on which the product is put on, attached with hairpins, and the direction of the strands is set using hairpins. You will also need a round metal brush, varnish, spray, conditioner, hair dryer, curlers or tongs with attachments, or straight and wavy irons.

What types of styling are possible in undetectable hair system for men?

Dry with a hairdryer, shaping, fixing with varnish, curling with tongs or winding on curlers, pulling with an iron, creating some kind of evening and similar styling.

How to wind or curl a wig?

  1. The product must be secured to a blank.
  2. Comb your hair with a special comb.
  3. You can twist or curl the product using an iron, curling iron, curlers, but with temperature control so as not to burn the strands. If you choose curlers, then they take strands 5-6 centimeters wide, taking into account the size of the styling accessories. When choosing other tools for winding, they are guided by the size of the curls that need to be obtained.
  4. Blow through the strands with a hairdryer to help secure the shape.
  5. After that, remove the curlers or, if other tools were used, simply fix the result with hairspray.

How to straighten a undetectable hair system for men?

  1. Fasten the product on the blank head, especially in the temporal, occipital and crown areas.
  2. Comb through your undetectable hair system for men, gather the upper strands, leaving the lower ones falling over the shoulders.
  3. To avoid overheating, spray your hair with water.
  4. Divide the strands of the wig with an even brush.
  5. Turn on the warm air mode on the hairdryer, run the comb along the strand, at the same time directing the hairdryer to the combing area.
  6. Repeat this procedure for each section of your hair.

Hair straightening wig without straightener

  1. Fix the product on a special stand using pins.
  2. Position the stand so your hair can hang down freely.
  3. Bring the product into the bathroom, turn on hot water, and wait until the space is filled with steam.
  4. Start combing the wig with a wide-toothed comb to gradually even out the curls.

How to restore an undetectable hair system for men?

Over time, the undetectable hair system for men may lose its former attractiveness: the curls bloom, the volume becomes several times smaller, and the ends, constantly in contact with the collars, car seats, exfoliate and split.

How to care for your wig to avoid deterioration in appearance?

  1. do not harm: it is difficult to restore damaged hair, and if, for example, it is unsuccessfully cut, then sometimes it is completely impossible;
  2. do not overdo it: for example, natural wigs do not tolerate an excess of caring and styling products, excessively high temperature conditions.

Important steps in wig care

Wash the hair of the product only after thorough preliminary brushing. After washing, doing this will be both problematic and harmful. Start combing from the ends, slowly going up. At the time of combing, go with special care near the base of the wig, as there is a risk of damaging it.

It is important to maintain proper proportions when washing wigs. The water should be warm, 5-7 liters; shampoo should be taken no more than 1-2 tablespoons. As a tool, you can choose both regular and special shampoos. 

Is it good to use cosmetics on hair systems?

As the first, it is optimal to select cosmetics for the colored hair type, since the composition contains a small amount of alkali. If there is no such remedy, choose a shampoo for normal hair. Children and others are avoided due to the high alkali content.

The washing process itself is also performed according to the rules: the product is dipped into soapy water. Leave there for 5-10 minutes. After that, a rinsing step is required. It is important to clean the undetectable hair system for men. Vigorous sudden movements are prohibited directly during the washing process.


 undetectable hair system for men 2021

How to keep undetectable hair system for men healthy in winter?

When the temperature drops, you will need to add clothes to protect yourself from the elements. Just like your hair. And while in the spring and fall you can shower, go out with wet hair, and be confident the season will work its magic on your mane, winter ...... is not. So good. So what steps should you take to keep hair strong and healthy in winter?

When shampooing, be sure to choose a product that will cleanse your undetectable hair system for men, but not rob it.

2. Boost your conditioner for hair systems for men

After shampooing, conditioner is essential to restore moisture to dry hair. Conditioners are inherently hydrating and contain ingredients that nourish and protect hair. However, much of the benefit can be lost (i.e. evaporated) in the humidity of the shower. 

Adding heavy oils essentially locks in the moisturizing ingredients creating a waterproof and tight barrier, forcing the conditioner to stay put and start to work. You certainly don't want to skip the "conditioner" part of your shower, but if you find you are missing your standard conditioner, top it up with oil. 

Using your usual conditioner as a base, mix in a heavy oil like olive oil or jojoba oil and apply it to your freshly shampooed hair. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse off as usual.

  1. Consider the mask

A mask or hair treatment can be the easiest way to treat and repair undetectable hair system for men. Spend your Sunday evenings on a spa-like skin care routine that lasts for hours? Before you start, put on a hair mask, do a conditioning treatment, take off the plastic shower cap you brought from your hotel bathroom, and dream of silky soft hair. 

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