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How to protect your hair system forums in home?

Home hair care: 11 budget tips that won't disappoint

 hair system forums

Upgrade your home hair system forums and it will save you a lot of money on hairdressers!

Of course, everyday hair care at home largely determines its condition. In addition, many salon procedures can be performed at home and save money.

Hair system forums: 11 important things

Are you doing everything you can to make the strands look beautiful? Check how good your home hair care is.

  1. Basic home hair care: proper shampooing

Washing your hair properly is a great service you can do to your hair. What does this concept include? First, the regularity - determine for yourself the frequency with which you need to wash your hair. For some, this is every day, but for others, washing is suitable at intervals of several times a week.

Secondly, learn how to wash your hair system forums correctly, as a master would do in an expensive salon. Of course, it's best to use shampoo and conditioner every time. Finally, choose the right shampoo. Of course, it doesn't have to be expensive and professional, but it does have to match your hair type.

How to dye hair system?

Of course, it is worth considering such features as dyed hair, a tendency to dandruff, dryness or oily, length. If you are a woman, it is best not to use baby and male shampoos unless it is stated that it is a one-size-fits-all product for the whole family. As a rule, shampoos for men, women and children have different levels of acidity and are not interchangeable.

Editor's tip: For example, try the # Hundred Beauty Recipes shampoo and balm mask to add shine to strands. Formulated with coconut oil, mango and chia seeds, these inexpensive products help add shine, volume and strength to your hair. The balm mask is also a versatile 2 in 1 product that makes home hair care easier.

2. Masks: home hair care instead of restorative procedures in the salon

Ready-made or self-made masks will enrich your home hair care. Masks can replace many restorative professional hair treatments, peels and wraps. Masks are needed not only for dry, but also for oily hair. Do not forget about special masks for colored hair, anti-dandruff and masks made from various oils.


3. Additional hair care at home

It is difficult to imagine a complete hair system forums care without additional leave-in products. For example, these are serums, creams, primers, sprays, split ends. They are easy to use, and at the same time they give your hair a great deal of care.

Hair Serum Toni & Guy High Shinу Serum Drops

Editor's tip: Let's take a look at Shine Serum Drops. Just a few drops of this product will help tame unruly hair and add shine to it. Perhaps with it you will eventually achieve a hair condition, like after a beauty salon.

4. Home hair system forums care and thermal protection

Good hairdressers use thermal protection on your hair before hot styling. Home hair care can also include this step, if you take care of your strands, blow dry, straighten or curl with thermal devices. For example, you can use the heat protectant from this video:

By the way, even more ideas for simple and effective styling can be found on the ATH YouTube channel.

5. Preparation of home hair care products and enrichment of finished products

At home, you can always prepare hair care products. For example, natural shampoo or balm, spray, heat protection product. In addition, it is possible to enrich ready-made products with oils, vitamins and active ingredients.


However, before applying a ready-made homemade product to your hair and scalp, make sure that you are not allergic to its ingredients. To do this, apply a small amount of the product to a small area of ​​the skin and wait a little. In case of discomfort, skin redness, burning sensation and pain, wash off the product as soon as possible. It is even better if you consult with a trichologist before using hair system forums.

6. Home hair care: head massage

Massaging the scalp helps to stimulate hair growth and normalize blood circulation. Many salons offer this service, but you can massage your scalp yourself. For example, take a few minutes every day to do this. It is better to do everything with a light massage in a circular motion, so as not to injure the skin and hair roots.

Combing is also a kind of scalp massage. In addition, it allows you to distribute sebum from the roots to the ends of the hair, helps the strands to become more manageable and shiny. The main thing is to learn how to comb your hair correctly. Also see how to choose the right comb or brush.

7. Home hair care includes proper nutrition

A healthy diet and a rich diet affect hair growth in the most positive way. And this is what you can do for curls yourself at home. It will never be superfluous to find out which products are especially good for your hair.


Of course, a healthy balanced diet has a positive effect on the condition of your hair.

At the same time, we do not advise you to radically change your diet and draw up a nutrition program yourself. Remember that vitamins and supplements, like diets, cannot be prescribed to you. The use of any such remedies, as well as the use or refusal of certain foods, must be coordinated with your doctor.

8. Hair system forums care: lamination and similar procedures

Lamination and similar keratin-based hair system forums procedures can be done at home. There are special kits for performing procedures such as keratinization or lamination at home. After purchasing such a set, be sure to follow the instructions. It is best not to use professional kits at home unless you are a hairdresser.

Lamination or "keratin" helps to add shine to strands, fill them in and create a protective film on the surface. But remember that if such a procedure involves the treatment of strands with an iron, then to some extent it still injures the hair. So the effect is more cosmetic than restorative. By the way, you can also try natural lamination as home hair care - for example, based on gelatin or burdock oil.

9. Haircut at home

Cutting your bangs or hair ends at home is also a kind of home hair care and getting rid of split ends. After a haircut, the strands really look healthier and more well-groomed.

hair system forums 2021

10. Home staining with natural dyes

Even if you know how to dye your hair system forums yourself, it may not always be considered as home hair care. After all, as you know, after dyeing the hair does not get better. But only if this does not apply to natural dyes. For example, henna and basma , as well as some natural methods of lightening hair (lemon juice, chamomile) can give the strands a certain amount of care, strengthen and add shine.

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