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How to wash tl700 hair system without damaging scalp?

How to speed up hair growth: tips and tricks?

 tl700 hair system

Dreams of long and shiny tl700 hair system are visited by every girl. Firstly, it looks very feminine and attracts men, and secondly, it allows you to create hairstyles and change images depending on the occasion and mood. And if you have hammered into the search the phrase "how to grow hair", then you probably want to help your hair grow to the ideal length for you.

We have collected the most effective methods and methods that will not only help speed up hair growth, but also achieve a healthy and radiant look for your curls.

What does tl700 hair system growth depend on?

There are several factors to consider before you start using all sorts of tools and follow the many expert advice.


 Heredity plays an almost key role in hair length. And if your relatives (especially in the female line) have always had long braids, then it is more likely that you can quickly grow the length of your dream.


Over the years, cell division slows down, which means that the renewal of the skin and tl700 hair system, including, does not occur so quickly.

Hormonal background

Pregnancy, childbirth and lactation are a real challenge for hair and hair growth.

Taking medications

Some medications provoke active hair loss, while others simply affect their structure, which also ends with short haircuts.


 Hair growth directly depends on the quantity and quality of vitamins and minerals we receive.

Frequent stress and anxiety also do not add hair growth.

Air temperature

 In the warmer months, hair grows much faster due to the active circulation of blood in the scalp.

How to accelerate hair growth?

Hair growth products: system and regularity

The first thing most girls start fighting for long braids is cosmetic procedures. Among the most effective:

Warming masks and peels

When used tl700 hair system correctly, they stimulate and awaken hair follicles through blood flow. Typically, they are applied to the roots and rubbed into the scalp. Just be careful and follow the directions carefully, because there is a risk of scalding your skin or drying your hair.

Special ampoules

Concentrated solutions with the addition of vitamins, proteins, valuable oils and plant extracts provide a noticeable result. But remember that they must be done in courses or in combination with other care procedures.


 They can be either purchased or prepared at home. In the compositions of the funds, you can find nicotinic acid, vitamins, warming components (pepper extract, mustard, rosemary oil), burdock and castor oils. Such components not only stimulate hair growth in length, but also work to strengthen the hair follicle.

Pure oils

 They will provide shine and strength to growing hair and also leave hair soft and smooth. For these purposes, coconut, almond, olive, argan, sea buckthorn and others are suitable. They can be mixed, added to masks, or applied in mono by rubbing into the scalp.


And remember that cosmetic procedures should be regular and systematic. If you have already undertaken to grow hair, then choose the best list of products for yourself and follow all the recommendations. Yes, this is a routine, but believes me, the result is worth it.

Accelerate tl700 hair system growth

Helpful Tips for Fast Hair Growth

In addition to the direct effect on the hair and the hair follicle, it is worth reconsidering your lifestyle and radically changing some tl700 hair system habits.

Nutrition and vitamins

 Hair is 90% keratin, which belongs to the category of proteins. Therefore, do not forget about protein foods. Vitamin A, which is found in the liver, fish, broccoli, carrots and apricots, has a beneficial effect on hair. You cannot do without B vitamins.

 It is also useful to add polyunsaturated fatty acids to the diet, which can be provided by taking Omega-3 and flaxseed oil. Among mineral supplements, hair growth requires zinc, calcium, selenium, chromium, potassium, magnesium and iron.

The right shampoo

Here you can go in two ways - choose products from professional lines, or take a closer look at natural sulfate-free formulations. Fortunately, now there is no shortage and you can find the best option at an affordable price.

Regular tl700 hair system haircuts

 This advice may be contradictory, but in fact, hair tends to flake to one degree or another, especially at the ends. They will not disappear by themselves, but will only ruin your mood, so they should be cut off. And in order not to provoke split ends, pick up products that prevent their appearance accelerate hair growth.

Styling products are enemies and friends. Mousses, varnishes and gels for fixing hairstyles contain silicones and other substances. The most dangerous of these are acrylates. And they are, as a rule, contained in cheap means.

These tl700 hair system are poorly washed off with shampoos, accumulate on the skin and hair, blocking the access of oxygen and causing hair thinning. At the time of growing curls, it is better to refuse styling, but if this is not possible, then choose products with the gentlest composition. 

Do not forget to wear hat in sun

If you are going on vacation to warm regions and will spend a lot of time in the sun, be sure to bring a hat with you to protect your hair from direct UV rays.

You cannot wash your hair with hot water, because of this, they quickly lose their freshness. Use only warm water, which improves blood circulation. And too cold water does not remove dirt well.

Shampoo should only be applied to the tl700 hair system roots and scalp and rubbed in with circular motions with your fingers. The hair itself will be cleaned by the foam flowing down it.

It is important to always use a balm after shampooing. Apply it to clean, damp hair, starting not from the very roots, but from the middle. Then your hair will be soft and voluminous.

Wash oily tl700 hair system

Oily hair can be washed every day, but it is better to alternate shampoo for oily hair with a regenerating one. Then the hair will not be injured from frequent washing. Dry hair can be washed every few days. The main thing is not to forget to use the conditioner.

Tl700 hair system beauty also depends a lot on nutrition. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C - cabbage, oranges and lemons. Most of all vitamin C is found in kiwi, black currant and bell pepper. Tasty and healthy!

In winter, use more intense conditioners to protect your hair from frost and help it regenerate.

Be sure to wear a hat on cold days to protect your hair from temperature changes and prevent hair loss.

Do not go out into the cold with poorly dried hair. You can not only get sick, but also harm your hair - it will freeze and begin to break.

tl700 hair system 2021


Sudden temperature changes are very harmful for tl700 hair system. If you have just done styling and used a hair dryer, iron or hot curlers, wait 20 minutes and only then go outside.

To keep your hair strong and healthy in winter, visit your hairdresser more often than usual and trim the ends a couple of centimeters regularly.

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