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How does hair clinic ft Lauderdale treat colored hair?

How to care for your hair - tips and tricks

 hair clinic ft Lauderdale

Absolutely all women dream of beautiful and hair clinic ft Lauderdale. But dreaming is not enough, it is necessary to arm yourself with an arsenal of special means, and also to study the intricacies of caring for hair. In this material, we will consider not only the rules of care, but also the common mistakes that women make every day, and thereby spoil their curls.

How to care for your hair clinic ft Lauderdale?

Basic tips for hair care: 10 basic rules

Hair needs proper care. And the rules that will become the basis for caring for your hair will help to ensure it.

Choosing the right shampoo

 Trichologists distinguish several types of hair, depending on the amount of sebum secretion. And this means that in the development of shampoos, certain components are used that help to solve an existing problem and at the same time wash the hair. So when choosing a shampoo, pay attention to the markings on the hair clinic ft Lauderdale label.

Mine is correct. Before you send jets of water to your hair, you need to prepare. Yes, yes, you didn't hear it. First, comb through your curls thoroughly. This way you will simultaneously save them from styling products, and they will not get confused during the washing process.

Long hair protection rules

This rule is especially true for owners of long hair. And secondly, choose the correct temperature regime for the water. It should be between 36-37 degrees. This is the most favorable temperature for the scalp, which does not disturb the lipid layer.

We observe the frequency of washing. There are enough disputes about how often you need to wash your hair on the Internet. But do not rely on someone's example or advice. Someone needs a headwash twice a week, while others have such a need every day. Focus on your hair clinic ft Lauderdale condition and wash it as it gets dirty.

Protect wet hair

After washing, they become fragile, so combing them, and also very diligently, is highly discouraged.

Do not wrap your hair in a turban. Most of us use a towel turban on our heads after washing. But so, the scalp and hair are under the hood and cannot “breathe”. This provokes fragility. It is recommended to stay in a turban no more than 2 minutes.

Use a balm

 Some young ladies ignore this step, believing that from such nutrients the curls become heavier and quickly get greasy. But in fact, balms cover the hair scales, making them smooth and shiny.

Don't go overboard with shrinking hair clinic ft Lauderdale

 Hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners affect the curls with high temperatures; therefore they dry them out and make them brittle. Try to minimize the impact of styling gadgets, but if it doesn't work, then use quality thermal protection.

Estel Thermal Protection Spray protects hair from static and dryness. With him, the styling is not terrible. Simply spray onto wet or dry hair before blow-drying. Estel Beauty Hair Lab Thermal Hair Protection Spray

Massage your head

A well-done scalp massage stimulates new hair growth by increasing blood circulation. Experts’ advice doing this self-massage once a week on dry hair. You can massage your head with special massage brushes. Just keep in mind that combing too often leads to the fact that the curls get dirty quickly.

Follow the directions for using your hair clinic ft Lauderdale products strictly. Before you smear your hair with a magic mask or oil, read the directions on the label. All funds differ in composition, and if the manufacturer wrote "do not use on the roots" or "hold for 5 minutes", then this is how it should be done.

Eat right. Our way of life is reflected in our skin and hair. For healthy hair, experts advise adding nuts, fish and seafood, herbs, eggs, legumes, dairy products and lean meat to the daily diet.

By adhering to fairly simple and straightforward rules

 You can make your hair more beautiful, thicker and not harm it. But what if your hair is already damaged or needs special care? Let's talk about this further.

Colored hair clinic ft Lauderdale care


Resistant paints allow you to get a bright color both in salons and at home. But under the influence of aggressive compounds, the hair structure changes and requires a completely different care. Caring for colored hair consists of two stages:

  • recovery;
  • color preservation.

To always look flawless and healthy dyed hair clinic ft Lauderdale, you should use a complex of balm and shampoo designed for dyed hair. The components of such funds are aimed at restoring curls and returning vitality to them.

Maintaining color is not easy. It fades and is washed out, and hair restoration products enhance these processes. Therefore, we strongly recommend using special products to maintain color and restore it.

Use bio shampoos for hair clinic ft Lauderdale

There are not many such cosmetics on the market, but nevertheless, you will find special bio-shampoos from the natural cosmetics brand Logona. For example, BIO-shampoo will help the hair dyed in chocolate shades to maintain color and shine. Also in this brand you will find shampoos for blondes with chamomile extract and redheads with henna.

Dry and damaged hair care

Hair is dry not only due to the peculiarities of lipid-fat metabolism of the scalp. But most often they become so due to perms, dyes and abuse of styling using thermal devices. Apart from a dull appearance, dry hair is very brittle and even simple brushing can damage it.

If the hair clinic ft Lauderdale is badly damaged and cannot be restored, then it is better to “say goodbye” to it at the hairdresser's. And it is not necessary to do a radical haircut. An experienced specialist will help eliminate the part that can no longer be saved with balms and masks.

Masks and balms with vitamin B, biotin and keratin will help to restore elasticity to the curls. Look for them on beauty product labels. Reconstruction masks are considered very effective. Due to the high concentration of ceramides, Cream Dream hair clinic ft Lauderdale intensively moisturizes the scalp and helps to restore the hair structure.

Also, review your diet and change it towards foods rich in vitamins A and B.

Proper hair care in winter

Most of all, hair suffers just in the winter. Hat, frost, wind and dry indoor air cause hair to lose shine and elasticity. To avoid this, try to follow a few simple rules:

Humidify the air at home. To do this, you can use both special devices that spray steam, and improvised means.

hair clinic ft Lauderdale 2021

Use leave-in hair care products.

 Adjust the frequency of application of serums and creams yourself, depending on the condition of your hair.

Temperature changes can trigger dandruff. To eliminate it, it is better to use pharmacy products. You should also choose a shampoo that will gently cleanse your hair and scalp without drying it out.

In general, experts should reconsider their hair clinic ft Lauderdale care for the winter and, if possible, use products with more nutritious formulations.

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