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How to choose best hairsystems for men and women in 2021?

An Ultimate Guide about Most Popular Systems for Hair

Many people already have enough information about hair replacement systems and wigs. The unit has its own experience. Besides, there is also a lot of information on the Internet about hairsystems. We do not pretend to be the ultimate truth, but we will try to reflect our vision of some issues here.

How to choose a hair system?

Which system suits me ..

There is no one solution for everyone ... Almost everyone goes through the path of selecting a system framework that is convenient for them. And everyone stops at their own version. Age, lifestyle, skin condition, body characteristics the climate in which the system is used, the   hairstyle, and finally financial opportunities. 

How much hairsystems is effective?

All these points are different for each user of the systems. And the final decision depends on how these factors will be combined for you and what will be of higher priority. Someone who has seen various videos comes confident that by purchasing such a system he will solve all the issues at once. 

In fact, everything can be different and by relying on exceptional invisibility. Hairsystems allows you to comb your hair back; you will face additional difficulties of both financial nature and more complex maintenance. .when you realize that even a small bang will solve most of these difficulties, then perhaps you decide to slightly change your image.

In what way hairsystems changes your way of life?

And for someone it will not be difficult and he will not change anything. We are all lazy, but for some it is normal to spend 10-20 minutes installing the system, while others need, to put it on like a hat and go. Someone lives with his half years !!! and all the time wears the system in secret. Similarly, others do not care that others know that they have a wig on their heads.  

Some people, on the contrary, feel so confident that they change systems of different hairsystems lengths and colors every month. And often even arouse the envy of those around them with their ability to change. So it all depends on how you yourself are willing to accept yourself.


How does hair system work in women?

In women, the situation when the need for a hair system arises is often associated with medical indications. And this is always a huge stress. Men are easier. Alternatively, you can shave and continue to live in peace, because to others, a man without hair looks more natural than a woman. Therefore, the approach to choice among women is different.

Which hairstyle is good for you?

It is very important to decide for yourself which hairstyle / haircut to choose. This will greatly help in choosing a base. The fact is that the main "pale" place is the forehead and temples, and, despite the fact that many systems provide good invisibility.

 It is still not worth it to openly demonstrate your edge line. Whatever the thin base, the junction still exists. The thickness of the base, the adhesive layer is still there and can be noticeable with close contact. Ultra-thin bases can be virtually undetectable, but the thinner, the more often systems will need to be changed. Some are even marketed as disposable.

What color is better for men and women?

However, women, unlike men, can wear long hair, use more haircuts and styling. Even a precisely matched color is not always so fundamental.

Separately about color

The lighter the hair in the system, the higher the requirements for their quality. If you ignore this point, you can end up with a system with hair killed by discoloration. It will bring you more problems than saving on more expensive hair. Hair will constantly get tangled, and may even turn into a "Koltun" or "felt boots". 

Moreover, it is very difficult to predict this. To avoid this, it is imperative to properly care for the system. This is really important and will help keep your system longer. The situation when, with improper care, the hairsystems becomes unusable at one moment, is not uncommon.

And some understand the importance of leaving only after they have spent 2-3 days unraveling the only system. The longer and lighter the hair, the more important it is, just in case, to have a fallback - another system, a bandana, a scarf. It all sounds scary, but it is better to be prepared for such a situation and not get into it than to be unprepared.

How to choose a good quality hair system for you?

Let's go back to the choice. Most often, systems are made entirely on the basis of the finest mesh and this option is the lightest and most breathable. 

But using tapes or glue for fixing, you need to know that it is more difficult to clean the mesh from the remnants of adhesives. It is much easier to clean them. We will repeat and will repeat, there is no better basis. There is what is best for you. 

Get an ideal hairstyle

Almost all of our clients have tried different hairsystems options and are often still in search. And this is sometimes associated with the desire to come to the ideal. And the ideal is your own hair. It is very important to understand for you that this option is unattainable. Even if everything returns and the hair grows, the ability to accept yourself as you are will help you in other life situations.

There are girls who do not hesitate to walk without systems or change those using different colors, hair lengths, haircuts and hairstyles. Those who came to this are always in a positive mood and often say that their acquaintances are jealous of how easily they can change their image. 

After all, many want to change, but the habit of being like everyone else and not standing out holds very strongly. What if you can't get into the image, what if they don't appreciate it? Therefore, the psychological moment is very important and will greatly facilitate life.

What is the difference between different systems for hair?

There are systems that do not require fixation around the entire circumference. There are systems that have an elastic mesh in the occipital region. This option is suitable for those who have their own hair and can be removed under this foundation. 

For those who have the opportunity to leave their hair at the edges, a regular tress wig and any system / patch that can be fixed with hairpins or the same tapes are quite suitable, by gluing them to their hair. There is also such a base element as a silk top or silk insert. 


Men hair system material

This is an extra thin material that usually makes the parting more realistic, but it also has a thickness and therefore starts 2 to 3 centimeters from the forehead line. If the hairstyle is chosen correctly, then it turns out very well. But again, for some, this option is not suitable, and they prefer to do without it.

It is very important to determine the density. You need to be prepared that the hair attachment with the help of a tambour is less durable than tress and over time the system thins from the comb. And this is on any system.


 The point is that the goal of the hairsystems is stealth, and nodes are very important. The stronger the knot, the thicker it will be, and the effect of growing your hair with large knots will not work. Each knot will be visible. Therefore, in the manufacture of systems, the most durable of the invisible nodes is selected. 

Some insure themselves against falling out, initially ordering a thicker system. This is an option, but a thicker system may give you out more. Therefore, you need to decide for yourself what suits you best or consult with a hairdresser-stylist who knows about systems firsthand

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