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Hair Replacement System: A Comprehensive Guide 2020

The Basics of Hair Replacement System

Hair loss is among the most common problem in both the females as well as the males. There are several reasons that would cause hair loss. Luckily, there are some effective hair replacement systems that help cover up for the loss of hair.

We understand that loss of hair can lead to low self-esteem, and it can cause a lack of confidence. Therefore, it is important to alternatives that not only look but also feel natural. Since hair loss can occur at any stage of your life so it is better to reach out to professionals as soon as possible.

In this article, we are going to be focusing on the basics of hair replacement systems. We will also explain different skin bases so that you can make the right decision.

 Hair Replacement System

Hair Replacement System: Definition

For starters, you need to know what exactly is a hair-replacement system. It is an affordable solution that looks and feels natural for your hair loss problem. The process comprises several steps including fixing, styling, & maintaining.

The key factor is a well-placed and maintained hair-replacement is that it would be completely natural. You will be able to do all the activities that you do with your natural hair. For instance, you can go out for swimming, you can play sports, or any other day to day activity.

Procedure Explanation

There are different types of non-surgical hair-replacement systems, but most of these have the same basic concept. For a non-surgical hair-transplant, the professional would attach a thin transparent layer to your scalp.

They call this layer as the base layer. The layer would be responsible for creating a tight membrane. Hair that attaches your natural hair is implanted onto this membrane. The great thing about these membranes is that you can customize them as per the individual’s requirement.

To give a natural appearance, the membrane transplant permits the scalp to be seen at the crown partings. Thanks to technological advancement, now it is possible to use translucent medical adhesives to bond the hair system to the scalp. These adhesives are hypoallergenic in nature.

Unlike some surgical process, the non-surgical hair transplant process is non-intrusive and painless. Also, the membranes are porous. It means that the epidermis can breathe. It would not cause you irritation or itchiness.

To ensure smooth sailing of the hair-replacement system, it is important to detach and clean it ever 4 weeks. Also, it is vital to reblend the scalp hair to ensure the seamless integration of the system.

Different Types of Skin Bases

When it comes to choosing the base material for your scalp, you have to pay heed to several factors. For instance, you would need to learn different materials compatible with different systems. Below, we did mention different types of bases for you to make the right decision.


If your top priority is to have a base that is extremely close to your real skin, we would recommend polymer. There is no denying that it is extremely close to the natural-looking skin. But, it has some cons.

For starters, the base is not airy at all. So, if you will be using it mostly in outdoor, hot, and humid environment, it would cause you irritation. Secondly, users that are using the membrane even indoors sometimes complain about it being uncomfortable.

NOTE: When you get the system through an experienced professional, the cons are minimized, if not eliminated.


Another great base is monofilament. It is extremely popular among clients due to its porous material. The base is also close to the natural skin, and it permits the skin to breathe. The additional cleanliness factors ensure that the system is comfortable to wear.


Skin is the best choice for comfortability and breathability is your top priority. This base has it all, it offers comfort, and it is extremely close to the natural look. It is basically a very premium base molded onto the scalp.


It is extremely close to natural hair. Lace hair system gives an appearance that the hair is directly growing from the skin. It is also comfortable and easy to wear. However, do understand that cleaning this hair replacement system would be extremely difficult.

Choice of Hair

When it comes to choosing hair fiber, you either have the option of human hair or artificial hair. Fine quality synthetic hair looks very natural. However, we do recommend that you go with natural human hair.

These hair strands not only look but also feel like natural hair. You would have to treat them as you would do your natural hair. However, in the end, it comes down to your budget. If you running low on money, you should go with synthetic and human hair mix.

NOTE: Synthetic hair have the tendency of burning or melting when you apply heat to them. They are also prone to matting. Therefore, you would have to be extra careful with them while styling.

Ventilation Types

There are different types of ventilation processes that are used when the professional is attaching the hair to the base. Below, we have listed these types. Understanding them would help you choose the right base for your scalp.


This is the most common technique. Instead of gluing the hair to the base, the techniques use a knotting system. It means that the hair strands are knotted around the base. These are small, yet flexible knots.


Another technique is sandwiching the base between a silicone and a polyurethane layer. This would ensure that base stays robust and sturdy for a long time.


To ensure a more natural frontal hairline appearance, the professional would use the looping technique. It involves sewing hair through the base.

 Hair Replacement System in 2020

Restoring Your Lost Hair by a Hair replacement

Recognized and Professional hair replacement professionals at BeKing Hair will provide you with all the advice and help that you would need for your receding hairline. You will get all the required information along with the style, color, and texture as per your preference.

The professional will also explain everything regarding the fitting, maintaining, and upkeep of your hair system. You are bound to look great and feel confident because of the amazing system.

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