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Different Types of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men Techniques

Guide to the Top Hair Replacement for Men Techniques

With more and more men facing hair loss problems, everyone is in search of effective, reliable, and affordable hair replacement for men techniques. There are numerous methods through which a man can enjoy a head full of hair.

Some of these techniques require some sort of surgery, whereas others are non-surgical procedures. Both these techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. However, non-surgical techniques have an edge in terms of price.

Also, technological advancement has resulted in sophisticated and advancement of these techniques as well. Now they are able to yield results that are as good as the surgical procedures while eliminating all the cons.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the different types of non-surgical hair replacement for men systems available.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Techniques

 Hair Replacement for Men


There are two main medicines that professionals recommend for hair loss, first is minoxidil and the second is finasteride. Some of you might be aware of Rogaine and Propecia for hair loss. In general, Minoxidil is known as Rogaine whereas Propecia is the name used for finasteride.

Minoxidil is not effective when it comes to stopping the hair fall. On the contrary, it just helps the follicles to survive longer. On the other hand, Propecia can prevent hair loss, but it has some serious side effects. Some of these side effects include the lack of sexual needs or unable to perform well during intimacy.

Combs and Helmets

Other variations of the low-level laser therapy include laser combs and helmets. The effectiveness of low-level laser therapy led to the development of these at-home treatments. Of course, they do not achieve the same results as that of a professional or a specialist.

Yet, they are doing pretty well for becoming popular among the public. Another great thing about these helmets and laser combs is that they have minimal to no side effects.

The laser comb is among the few hair replacements for men system that the FDA approves off. Helmets on the other hand are still struggling to acquire the approval of the FDA, yet they are able to achieve the same results.

Laser Therapy: Low-Level

Until now we have been hearing that you can remove hair permanently via laser therapy. But it seems that laser can perform the quite opposite as well. It means, it lets you control your hair loss, and boost your confidence.

According to research, low-level laser therapy is an effective technique that reduces, if not completely treats hair loss problems. The interesting thing is that researches are still trying to figure out its exact working mechanism.

Some studies claim that the low-level laser has an impact on the mitochondria, thus it alters the metabolism of your cell. This then leads to the stimulation of hair growth. However, there are studies that claim otherwise.

Whatever the reason or the working mechanism is, we are pretty sure that low-level laser is an excellent hair replacement for men procedure.

Oils and Extracts

Natural methods help in controlling hair fall as well as improving hair growth. There is no denying that these methods are effective. After all, people have been using them for centuries now. The extracts and oil together can help achieve better, stronger, and healthier hair.

For instance, castor oil is famous for improving the thickness, texture of the hair. It also helps in making the hair strong.


Microneedling is a natural and effective technique. People have been using this procedure for years now to treat scars and wrinkles. The technique uses the body natural recovery mechanism to increase hair growth and prevent hair fall.

What really happens is that the professional would damage your skin using needles. The needles would cause very small wounds. Now that the skin is damaged, it would take its natural course towards healing.

The cycle would start with inflammation and then it would shift to proliferation and finally towards the maturation phase. The inflammation phase instigates the proliferation phase. It means that your body would produce new cells, and these cells would result in the production of healthy follicles.

Thus, leading to an increase in hair growth and a decrease in hair loss. A great advantage of this technique is that you can combine it with non-surgical methods which makes it even more effective.

Hair Replacement System

Thanks to tech-advancement, it is now possible to add natural-looking hair to your scalp using a number of hair replacement for men techniques. The great thing about these systems has that they have improved tremendously.

They started with fake-looking toupees and wigs, however, now they are as close to the natural hair as possible. It is impossible to differentiate between natural hair and a high-quality hair replacement system.

What more is that these hair systems are extremely comfortable. Unlike the old wigs that caused irritation, they let the scalp breathe. After all, they are using the finest materials for the base and natural hair to ensure that you have just the right look.

These hair systems are designed according to your requirement. It would sit on your scalp to perfection. Therefore, people will not be able to figure out whether their hair is real or not.

Why not Surgery Hair Replacement for Men?

Due to the hype of hair transplant, you must be wondering, why not surgery? The answer is simple, a surgical method may not yield effective results. In addition, the technique may lead to ineffectiveness after a certain time frame.

In some cases, it would become painful and the patient would have to wait for a long time for it to become effective. On the contrary, a non-surgical hair replacement system shows instant results. They are also painless and have minimal invasive.

 Hair Replacement for Men in 2020

Take Away

The surgical methods are basically covering up the hair loss problem. Whereas, the non-surgical hair replacement for men techniques provides you effective solutions. After all, with hair surgery, there is a high probability that you would face hair loss again.

With non-surgical replacement methods, this would not happen. You would always have your head full of natural-looking hair. To learn more about different hair replacement systems, please Contact Us.  

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