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Wearing Tutorial

The following videos is from our latest series of videos that will guide you through the whole process of wearing a hair system. So if you're new to hair systems then these videos will be particularly useful to you as they will teach you everything you need to know about wearing them and you will be able to see for yourself just how practical and simple hair systems can be.

There are a few steps that need to be taken before you apply tape to your full lace hair system. Watch Sarah guide you through the process before showing you how to apply tape.

Watch carefully and you will also understand why it's important to pay attention to the front part of your hair system when it comes to applying tape and how different times of the year can affect how long the tape lasts.

How to Attach Tape to a Full Lace Hair System:

Listen out for some tips from Sarah as she shows you how to attach a hair system. See where she holds the hair system and watch carefully as she attaches a section of the hair system on one side of the head and then another section on the other side of the head and so on. Then watch Tony get his hair cut and styled and see how good he looks!

How to Attach a Fine Mono Hair System:

Whatever the base material of your bekinghair hair system, you're guaranteed a great final look as you can see here as Tony gets his fine mono hair system cut in and styled. 

How to Attach a Skin Hair System:

Watch and learn how to attach one of our skin hair systems. Since this skin is so thin - just 0.03mm - we recommend using glue and not tape. You may also tear the skin when removing tape.
Sarah will guide you the process and then cut and style Tony's hair so you can check out his final look.

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