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Removing Guide

Removing Guide

 Removing a hair system is a very simple process and this video will show you just how you do it. All that you need is some citrus or alcohol-based spray.

How to Remove a Full Lace Hair System:

How to Take a Fine Mono Hair System Off:

How to Take a Skin Hair System Off :

Simple steps for safely removing your hair system.


Bekinghair strongly advise all our clients to use cotton wool when removing their hair systems. Wrap a line of wool above your eyebrows and around the circumference of the head. Please protect your eyes!


Everything involved in the removal and cleaning of a hair system should not be rushed. Not because it's isn't!!!

It is because paying care and attention whilst removing your hair system will help the longevity of the hair system...which 'ultimately' saves your money.   

 We have devised an easy and safe step-by-step instruction of how to remove your hair system.






How do I remove my lace hair system without damaging it?
Adhesive should be released from the hair side of the lace with Lace Release or Amber.
Spray or drip it through and wait for the bond to release before lifting the hair system away from your scalp or hair.
If you are using lace tape at the front, again 'drip' the amber through the lace; give this a few moments and then ‘peel’ the lace back. The tape should still be adhered to the scalp and the lace should be clear of most of the residue.
If you are taped all the way around without adhesive do the same as the above.
In order to avoid damaging your front hairline, we recommend always removing your hair system from back to front.


How do I remove the hair system that is perimeter taped and has a tape front for the edge (also known as poly)?
Basically you peel it off your head slowly. There are different strength tapes (go to adhesives and tapes for descriptions of products) if it is the full strength tape, spray or drip lace release or amber between the skin and the tape and gently massage the release moving from front to back, this will make it more comfortable to remove.


I release the lace and all the adhesive stays on my head?
Fantastic, this is exactly the result all should be looking for. The less adhesive left on the lace hair system the better. Just clean of the adhesive from your head using adhesive remover. Don't forget the cotton wool wrapped around your head!


Should I start to release at the front or the back?
Which ever you prefer, it doesn’t make much difference. We recommend trying to see if you are OK removing a 'lace' hair system from back to front. In order to avoid damaging your front hairline, we recommend always removing your hair system from back to front.


I removed my lace hair system and it lost hair?
When removing a lace hair system whether it is taped or perimeter bonded you MUST completely release the bond from the adhesive or tape. The Lace Release or Amber should have been left on for a few minutes, the lace should release from the bond smoothly. This will minimize hair loss.


When the hair system has been removed there is adhesive residue in the lace and on the perimeter or poly?
This is normal and depends on how long you have worn your hair system. The residue can be gently and simply removed using our Adhesive Remover and Amber. Patience is the virtue when performing the cleaning up. That extra bit of time given will help your hair system to last longer time. The stronger adhesives such as 'Ultra Hold' present a slower clean up challenge. Things to have available are lint free rags and Microfiber towels which are excellent to use.


The Adhesive Remover prevents the new tape or adhesive to stick to the hair system?
When cleaning it is very important that you wash and clear the entire adhesive remover that has been used. They are oil based. The best products to release the oils after removal are Lace Release and alcohol. When you have done this neutralize the alcohol with water or shampoo. Warm water is best. You can’t stick adhesive to Adhesive Remover! The hair system should be clear of all residues and also be dry.


There is hair on the tape after I have removed the hair system?
Firstly, this could have been caused when you were attaching the hair system to your scalp.
Before attaching the hair system, comb or brush the hair away from the perimeter, try and make it poker straight before application.
Then when you roll the hair system on to your scalp this will stop any hair from being caught underneath the base.
Secondly this can happen when you are removing the hair system.
Release it more carefully and completely prior to removal. When the lace is released completely from the bond, then the hair would not often be caught by the tape.


All these products sting my eyes?
The removal products clearly say on the labels to avoid eye contact. The cotton wool wrapped around your head will help prevent the solutions from affecting your eyes. If your eyes sting, you are misusing the products and solutions. Please look after your eyes!


What’s the best way to remove the solvent etc from the base and hair?
After performing the removal, shampoo the hair system. The best and most consistent way is:
Get a bowl of warm water, put the hair system in the bowl and add shampoo to the warm water.
Leave the hair system in the bowl for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse all the shampoo out of the hair system gently with a brush from back to front under running water.
Roll it in a towel and pat dry and then leave to air dry.
You will see how affective this is.




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