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What is the best style for hair replacements in 2021?

How to use wig comfortably and cool in hot weather?

 hair replacements

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  • Overview
  • Choose a shorter hairstyle
  • Choose a synthetic wig instead of real hair
  • Basic wig cap: the best hat construction
  • Try a wig headband under your wig
  • Using accessories


You are not an exception if the hair replacements makes you hot and uncomfortable during the summer. The inconvenience of wearing a wig in the summer is one of the common comments of users.

If it's not important to keep your hair loss private, during the summer you can choose a cooler and more comfortable alternative to a wig such as a hat or a light scarf – during the summer months. hot day when you are outside for a long time. But if you'd rather look like yourself wearing a wig, hot weather shouldn't be an excuse for you to give it up.

Here are some tips to help you stay cool and comfortable wearing a wig on hot summer days.

Choose a shorter hairstyle for hair replacements

From braids to long bobs, choosing a shorter wig is a great way to change up your look and stay stylish during the warmer months.

If you're comfortable with short hair, shoulder length hair is a great option. Letting your hair out will keep you cool and comfortable when you're out in the summer.

Choose a synthetic wig instead of real hair

Synthetic hair replacements are lighter than wigs made from real hair so it is a smart choice for keeping cool in the summer.

Wigs made from real hair are thicker and heavier than synthetic hair, human hair also absorbs natural moisture from the air throughout the day, so it will make you feel heavier when worn for a long time.

There are many other benefits to synthetic wigs, but when the weather is hotter, the lightweight material is a big boon.

Basic hair replacements: the best hat construction

The wig cap is the foundation of a wig – it fits the shape of your head, and the hair is attached to it.

Hem-rim hair replacements are machine-made wig caps that are created by sewing a "weft" or hair veil onto a strip. It has thin, elastic material.

If you want to stay cool while you're wearing it, look for a wig that tucks at the back to allow airflow for the scalp. Horizontal wigs are much more breathable than the construction of other wig caps.

Try on a wig headband under your hair replacements

Similar to headbands, wig headbands are made of soft, thin fabric. Wig band can help reduce the pressure of the wig cap and make it more comfortable to wear. Some wig bands even have a silicone band on the inside that can help hold the wig in place.

Using accessories


Adding a headband or hairpin to the hair replacements will not only make you look better, but it will also help keep your hair from sticking to your face. Try using a clip or even sunglasses to make your forehead look nice and cool. If you're wearing a longer wig, you can also try a low ponytail to keep your hair out of your neck.

And remember, instead of wearing a wig every day, you can always change up your look by wearing a hat or scarf. Try a synthetic wig with a matte buckle attachment so you can wear one or more hats or scarves.

Why do you need hair replacements?

People say "The tooth and the hair is the corner of the person", so everyone is interested in my hair. Today, wigs are a very popular choice to make short hair long and short in an instant, bad hair can be beautiful right away, change hairstyles anytime, anywhere, ... next are hair shops.


  • Previously, wigs were made by hand from natural hair.
  • Over time, they switched to flax, tow, corn, horsehair, algae (also natural ingredients).
  • Since the twentieth century, wigs have been made from artificial materials (synthetic fibers.)
  • Wigs always remain relevant, only colors and models change.

There are two types of hair replacements: artificial (synthetic) and natural (made from real hair). In the production of natural hair wigs, vegetation undergoes a special treatment (hair is sorted by length, disinfected with soap and soda solution, washed, dried, possibly dyed). Then the wig itself is typed. On the finished wig, the hair can be cut or styled.

The material of hair replacements

Synthetic hair replacements are made from vinyl, acrylic, polyamide. They differ from other wigs in that the hair is rough, coarse to the touch and splits more often.

Synthetic wigs can also be made from kanekalon, which contains algae. Wigs made of it are lightweight, serve for a long time and retain their shape.

Wigs are worn by those who have problems with their hair, or those who like frequent image changes. But hair has always been in vogue.

The main two materials now are natural hair and kanekolon of various types. The third material is horsehair. The fourth is yak wool and so on. But the last two materials are rough, so they are rarely used for scuffing wigs.

What faux wigs are made of?


The hairs from it are thin, smooth and unnaturally shiny. For this reason, acrylic is used in the production of masquerade stage and wigs.


Its threads are dense, shiny and smooth, reminiscent of fishing line. Nylon is also used to create carnival products.


The characteristics are similar to acrylic. Products made from it are also not suitable for everyday wear.

Yak wool

Unlike the above materials, wigs made from this wool look quite natural. They keep their shape well, are durable. They can be painted and laid. The disadvantage of the products is the specific smell and the likelihood of an allergic reaction.
hair replacements 2021

Thermal fiber

These wigs are somewhat more expensive. They are soft, have no unnatural shine and look like natural hair. The material tolerates high temperatures well, so such hair can be straightened with a warm iron or curled with a non-hot curling iron.


The hairs made from these materials are as similar as possible to natural ones. There is shine, but quite moderate, like well-groomed and healthy hair. The hair is manageable, easy to style. The service life of such hair replacements is much longer than that of products made from cheap artificial counterparts.

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