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Every Man's Guide to the Best Hair Replacement Systems?

What are the Best Hair Replacement Systems for Men?

Best hair replacement systems are those that cause minimum discomfort and appear natural. They have no side effects and do not interfere with your everyday routine. Choosing the best hair replacement system for yourself can be an excruciating process. It can make you want to pull your hair out. And not having any hair to pull on might irritate you further.

What Causes Hair Loss In Men That Makes Them Look For the Best Hair Replacement Systems

The biggest culprit that snatches men's hair and makes them look older than they are is a hereditary disorder. This disorder is called male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Sufferers of this disorder mostly find solace by using some of the best hair replacement systems. One study suggests that male pattern baldness affects more than 50% of adult men. It can make men lose a significant amount of hair by the time they're thirty-five.

Moreover, hormonal imbalances in the body such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism may also lead to premature balding; however, that is reversible through proper treatment of thyroid. Furthermore, medical treatments, such as chemotherapy also show to complete hair loss.

Additionally, unhealthy habits, such as smoking speed up the process of hair loss as nicotine may reduce blood circulation in your scalp. Deferred blood circulation will restrict the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle.

Unhealthy eating habits also contribute significantly to hair loss in men. Because unhealthy diet leads to nutritional deficiencies, and deficiency of vital nutrients such as iron zinc and vitamin D may fuel hair loss immensely.

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How Hair Loss Affects Men and How Hair Replacement Systems Can Help?

In a survey that reviewed what aspect of their physical appearance were men most concerned about, 29% of men said they were worried about looking old. And no physical feature affects a man's youthful appearance more than a bald head.

No matter how much the society cites the notion 'bald is beautiful', deep down, most men who shed hair not only suffer excessive hair loss but also go through social anxiety and depression at the hands of their premature baldness. They find themselves tied to a dark, gloomy corner by their fallen hair. They are often unable to find anyone with whom they can discuss their problems.

Thus, hair loss not only takes a dig on men's physical appearance. It also has the potential to cause some severe mental health issues.

Choosing the right hair replacement system can help men avoid baldness induced depression and anxiety and bring back their lost gusto.

What Are Hair Replacement Systems?

While some men accept their hair loss and learn to live with their gradual baldness, most men turn to look for the best hair replacement systems that can help them bring forward their receding hairline and give them back their diminishing confidence.

Following is a condensed list of some of the best hair replacement systems out there. Depending on your hair loss stage, medical conditions and budget, and after consulting with your physician or hair restoration expert, you can pick any one of these that you think would reap results according to your expectations.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is an invasive hair restoration procedure that utilizes local anaesthesia to reduce the discomfort of the system.

In follicular Unit Extraction, physicians extract follicles from that area of the patient's head which has natural hair which is often the side or back of a person's head. It is the donor side. After retrieving follicular cells from the donor site, physicians inject them back in the bald region of the patient's head.

The FUE procedure, when done successfully, encourages the growth of natural hair and cover the area of the patient's crown that was previously bald.

This procedure may take up to 4 hours to complete, and the patient may go home the same day. However, this procedure is for people on a loose budget as it can cost anywhere up to $15000.

Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction (CTR)

Hair restoration experts often term the cosmetic transdermal reconstruction a revolutionary non-surgical hair replacement system. It utilizes cutting-edge technology and successfully conceals balding and thinning regions of the patient's head without inflicting any pain or discomfort.

CTR uses skin grafts that consist of an ultra-thin base or membrane made of polyurethane. CTR experts curate each skin graft after taking appropriate measurements of the recipient's balding regions. Natural human hair strands are attached to the membrane, and the skin graft is applied to the patient's head using CTR adhesives.

Hair replacement done by CTR looks natural and is completely unnoticeable to sight and touch. Moreover, the membrane used in CTR grafts are permeable, that means they let water and air reach your scalp. So you can maintain proper scalp health and hygiene while sporting natural-looking hair.

However, like every other non-surgical hair replacement procedure, CTR grafts may also need maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

Hair Weaving

That celebrity whose hair you like?. He's most likely wearing a hair weave. Hair weaves are gaining increasing fame because of the customization that they allow.

Hair weaving is one of the best hair replacement systems because it is non-surgical and convenient to get and maintain. In hair weaving, hair replacement experts weave wefts of hair with your natural hair by braiding them or sewing them or adhering them with an adhesive bond.

Since hairstylists attach weaves to existing hair; therefore, this procedure is only for people who have just started shedding hair. And still have a significant amount of hair left on their scalp. Also, don't get confused when your hair restoration expert suggests a 'hair integration' for you. Because sometimes hair weaving is also called hair integration.

Hair Bonding

The hair bonding procedure is for people who have either lost all or a significant amount of their hair. This procedure uses hair units that are made by knotting individual strands of natural or synthetic hair in a base that comprises of either polymeric or nylon material.

While choosing a hair unit, you have an option of getting a piece with a customized hairstyle or getting one off the shelf. Hair replacement experts apply the hair unit using a medical adhesive. Depending on the base type, you may require hair unit maintenance in a couple of weeks. And a change of hair unit within 4 to 5 months.

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To get a flawless hairline, men must consider only the best hair replacement systems that are available currently. And pick a procedure after having discussed their existing medical conditions and requirements thoroughly with their physicians and hair restoration experts.

What's even more important is for men to ensure that the person they are getting a hair replacement system from is a certified aesthetic physician or hair, replacement expert such as BeKing Hair. Because if not done by experienced professionals, even the best hair replacement systems might fail to produce satisfactory results.

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