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How to steam men's hair replacement at home as in the salon?

Steaming is a care method that moisturizes and restores hair after unwanted damage. But not everyone has enough time and money to go to a hair salon regularly. In the following article, we will share ways to men's hair replacement hair at home that are easy to implement and highly effective.

Why should you steam your men's hair replacement at home?

Steaming your hair at home or using a hair steaming service at a salon is both essential for a shiny and healthy hair. Even if you have taken certain measures to protect your hair every day, more or less hair is still damaged due to different reasons.
men's hair replacement

From the bad effects of the weather such as sun, wind, dirt, etc., the high temperature effects of styling tools, to the stress and fatigue of yourself, also adversely affect the hair. Over time, hair will also age and become weaker. Signs of damaged hair also appear more and more such as dryness, frizz, tangles, split ends or constant breakage.

All of the above reasons are the reasons why you need to do a hair steaming activity at home, to nourish your hair, rebalance moisture, regain strength and shine for your hair.

Should I steam my men's hair replacement before or after I wash my hair?

The standard way to steam your hair at home without adjustment is to steam your men's hair replacement after shampooing. Hair after being cleaned of dirt and sebum will help the hair steaming process to be more effective. If you wash your hair after steaming, you can lose a significant amount of nutrients.

If I used conditioner, should I steam my hair or not?

The answer is yes. Many people still mistakenly believe that, if you have used conditioner, you do not need to steam your hair anymore. Although the effects of conditioners and hair steamers are similar, steaming products are more concentrated and contain more nutrients.

In addition, under the effect of heat, the hair steaming process also gives the hair the opportunity to absorb more nutrients, thereby, bringing about a quick recovery effect.

How long is enough time to steam hair?

The time to steam men's hair replacement at home lasts from 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how damaged the hair is. If your hair is severely damaged, it is recommended to prolong the steaming time so that the nutrients can penetrate deep into the hair core.

Frequency of men's hair replacement steaming

The frequency of steaming at home also depends on the current condition of the hair. If your hair is healthy, steaming your hair once a month is enough. If your hair is much damaged, do this process about once every 7-10 days to add moisture and nutrients to the hair.

How to steam hair at home is easy to do?

How to steam men's hair replacement at home is very easy to do. You just need to prepare hair cream, a towel or a hood, along with a dryer, that's enough for the "work" to regain shiny and healthy hair.

How to steam your hair at home with a standard hot towel like in a salon

Step 1:

Take an adequate amount of men's hair replacement steaming cream in your hand and massage it all over your hair. You can use conditioners, hair products or natural ingredients like coconut oil and olive oil to replace the hair cream.

Step 2:

 men's hair replacement 2021

If your hair is long, put it back in a bun, and then put a shower cap over your head. Make sure all your hair is completely inside the hat. This type of shower cap you can buy easily at the drugstore or in the supermarket.

Step 3:

Wet a medium-sized towel, and wring out the water. In particular, you must completely squeeze out the water, to avoid the case that when you leave the towel on your head, hot water running down can cause burns to the skin.

Step 4 men's hair replacement:

Microwave a just-wet washcloth for about 2 minutes. Put the towel on a plate or bowl to ensure hygiene. During the recording process, if you see steam coming out of the towel, this is normal.

Step 5:

Take a hot towel that has just been spun and place it on the middle of the shower cap over your head. Use gloves to adjust the towel in a balanced position, so that the towel does not fall down during the steaming process, and at the same time avoid burning your hands.

Step 6:

Continue to put another shower cap on the outermost. This will help limit the heat from the towel to the outside.

Step 7:

Steam your men's hair replacement for about 30 minutes. Try to stay still so that the hot towel doesn't slip off your head. You can read books, watch TV, surf the web or play games in the meantime!

In case your hair is severely damaged, and you want the steaming process to take longer, just reheat your towel every 20-30 minutes.

Step 8 men's hair replacement

After the recovery time is over, rinse your hair with cold water. Rinsing your hair with cold water will help lock in moisture and tighten the cuticle of the hair that has been dilated by the high temperature of the hot towel. Then let your hair dry naturally.

Natural ingredients to make the hair steaming process at home more effective

1 – How to steam hair at home with eggs and yogurt

The ingredients that are always available at home have incredible benefits for weak and dry hair. With high protein content, eggs make men's hair replacement shinier and yogurt has a cleansing effect on the scalp and hair. The combination of these two ingredients will help restore damaged hair, helping you regain strong and soft hair.


Whisk together 1 egg and 1 jar of yogurt. Only use egg yolks if your hair is too dry and egg whites if your hair is oily. Apply this mixture evenly on your hair and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash with shampoo with cold water and let hair dry naturally.

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