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Professional tips on taking care of a men wig

Men wig Maintenance Tips for Every Balding Beginner

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A men wig is the one-stop solution for baldness and thinning hair. You don't have to fret in front of the mirror anymore. Throw out all the oils and serums because a men wig is the ultimate saviour.

Once you get hold of good men wig as per your choice, we recommended that you take good care of your men wig to prolong its life and keep it intact.

Taking care of your hair-piece is not that hard. Below are some professional tips which will help you in taking care of your special men wig.


Use a Proper Brush for Your Men wig

Experts recommend that you always use a wide-toothed brush for your men's wig. The reason is simple. The comb tooth is wide enough to allow the hair to pass through. This ensures shedding, tangling, and breakage reduces. A wide-tooth comb works best for men who are using a shoulder-length wig.

In addition, if you are using a short men wig piece, then opt for a professional wig brush. You don't want to put extra pressure on the wig because that may cause the men wig to tear apart.

Usually, Hard-pressed brushing is only suitable for scalp and natural hair. Therefore, use a wig brush whose bristles are long and robust and do not require you to put in extra pressure. Always gently brush your hair.

Keep Your Men Wig Clean

Cleanliness really matters in the maintenance of a hair-piece. You may not find the time to wash it daily every day. However, do make sure that your wig is dirt-free.  The amount of dirt that accumulates on your wig depends on the climate you live in, the amount you sweat, and how many times you have used the wig.  A clean wig not only looks good but feels good on the scalp as well.

Wash your wig properly

Washing your men wig is a proper procedure.

  • Brush

Firstly Brush your hair properly before applying any shampoo whatsoever, and detangling your wig before washing is a lifesaver. If you don't do so, the knots and tangles will require extra pressure while brushing. This may damage your hair-piece.


  • Apply Shampoo

Next up is the step of applying shampoo to the wig. Fill in your sink or tub with lukewarm water. Slowly submerge your hair-piece so that it is wet all over. Next, take a small amount of shampoo and even apply it all over the men wig from root to tip.


Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. They do not dry up the hair-piece and are gentle on synthetic hair. Besides, only use purified water while washing your wig.


Rising is a vital step in washing your wig. Use cold water at the cuticles. Also, ensure the water flow is from root to tip. This keeps the wig smooth and tangles free.

  • Conditioner

The conditioner is to be applied in small sections. The product is to be distributed evenly from root to tip. If you are using a conditioning spray, then make sure it is applied from a distance of 10 inches.


  • Dry your hair

We recommended that you use a wig stand for drying your hair. This keeps the wig in shape. In addition,  gently drying the wig with a towel through blotting reduces damage.

Never use a hairdryer on your wig. Instead, let it dry on the stand out of direct sunlight.



Stick tapes with care

Tapes can actually ruin your men's wig if not dealt with care. Make sure you take extra caution while sticking tapes or taking them off. Never rush the process. Take your time because a good quality wig is expensive, and you don't want to ruin it too soon.

Taking care after a shower

It recommended that you wash your men wig separately. However, if you take a shower while wearing your wigs, avoid a simple habit. Do not rub your hair-piece with a towel like we tend to do with our natural hair. On the contrary, just lightly press the piece with your towel to soak out the excess water.

Of course, you can wear hair accessories, however, be careful while taking them off. Don’t snatch them off your head.

Shave your head if using a men wig in the long run

If you have decided that you will be using a wig for a long time, simply shave your head. Shaving your head will reduce the damage your natural hair may incur while sticking on and taking off the wig. In addition, you will also prevent problems such as itchiness on the scalp and smell due to sweating.

Use Proper hair products

Product consideration for wigs is pretty much the same as for natural hair. Curly hair wigs definitely require different products as used by someone with straight hair.

A curly hair wig user most definitely should use silicone-free based products. Try to avoid proteins because wigs have already gone through many protein treatments.

Straight hair wigs require creamier products. However, one rule that applies to all hair type wigs is that styling products have no room in your hair piece.  This is because hair wigs have already undergone a molding procedure for added style. There is no need to waste handy products when every hair-piece already has a fixed grace.

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Store your Men wig well

Storing your wig well is essential in its sustenance. Simply put, all human hair wigs should be kept in a silk or satin bag. If you don't happen to have one, then use a plastic bag. The key is to prevent the wig from drying out. Therefore cotton bags are to be avoided at all costs.

Taking care of your men wig is essential. Following simple steps and making them a part of your routine is vital. Once you have made those steps a habit, your wig promises to boost your radiant personality.

For Profession Advice on hair replacement systems, talk to our Experts!

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