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What is the difference between pence toupee & natural hair wigs?

Hair Care Tips for Synthetic & Natural Hair Wigs

 pence toupee

Natural pence toupee should be treated in the same way as sensitive or tired natural hair. Remember that the wig should not be brushed when it is very wet, as knots may come loose. Better, before washing, comb the tangled strands very carefully, and then wash.

Use special combs so as not to damage the base. Or run your spread fingers, like a comb, from top to bottom, but do not pull.

Using shampoos for pence toupee

A good professional shampoo has a self-cleansing effect. Dissolve a few drops in one liter of warm water, put there for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly under warm running water. We advise you to use a natural hair wig balm after washing.

Styling of pence toupee
After washing and applying the balm, it is the turn of styling. You can blow-dry, curl or air dry your natural pence toupee. Later, if desired, wind it on the curling iron as well. The golden rule of washing wigs is: "As often as necessary and as rarely as possible.

“When styling, try not to do anything that could harm your real hair. Washing in hot water and drying with a hot hair dryer will damage your hair.

Shelf life
Unfortunately, even high quality human hair wigs lose their shine after a while. Because like its own hair, the hair of the wig is not supplied with the fat of the scalp. To restore shine to your hair, use a specially formulated gloss spray.

Synthetic Hair Wig Care

Add special shampoo to water at room temperature. Gently turn the wig inside out and wash gently in prepared water, do not squeeze, do not rub.
Rinse thoroughly in clean water and drain. After washing, you can use a special balm. Add a small amount of balm to the water at room temperature. Place the wig in there for 5 minutes. The balm makes hair elastic and gives it a natural shine.

What is adhesive extension for hair?

When your hair is thin, but you would like to put extensions on, but you don't know what the best solution is. Adhesive extensions can be the best choice for not damaging your hair and leaving you with voluminous, long hair and at the same time transforming your look.

We call it Tape pence toupee Extensions, because they even have a double-sided adhesive tape already cut and ready to apply. It is a revolutionary technique because in a simple way the result is natural and unnoticeable.

What are tape extensions?

Tape extensions are a good alternative to keratin hair extensions and other methods of applying extensions. We can use it as a complement to other types of extensions.

Adhesive extensions are applied through the “sandwich” method, which consists in the application of two extension bands in which there is a small natural hairline between them, which supports these extensions, without the need for the application of heat or other equipment.

What are the advantages of pence toupee?

  • Ideal for adding volume;
  • Increased length of finer hairs;
  • Give light to the hair, without the need for aggressive technical work;
  • You only need a comb for application;
  • Does not damage natural hair;
  • Leave no traces when removed;
  • Easy and quick placement;
  • Offer lightness and thickness to your hair;
  • Duration between 5 to 8 weeks, then maintenance must be carried out.


In my opinion, one of the most popular fashion trends of the last couple of years has been the return of the popularity of wigs.

Why to choose pence toupee?

    Wigs are great because you can wear different wigs every day and look just the way you want, regardless of the length and color of your own hair. The length of time a pence toupee is worn depends on the hair that was used to create it. Another advantage of wigs, in addition to long-term use, is the ability to protect your own hair from negative external factors. 

   Most people who wear wigs style their own hair under the base. This method protects the hair and allows it to be left alone for a while. After all, the less we dry our hair with a hairdryer; stretch it with an iron, use varnish, the better for them. Wigs seem to be the perfect solution for any hair-related problem that may arise at any time of the year.

   So how is wearing a pence toupee different in the summer?

You've seen the title of this article, so why is this article needed at all? Aren't wigs perfect at any time of the year? I wish it were that simple, but in the summer, wigs are not often worn.
Let me explain why and how to fix this!


Wigs are an original way to look the way you've always dreamed of without harming your hair.

But the only problem we face with wigs in the summer is that our head can sweat in them! This makes wearing wigs extremely uncomfortable during this time, which is when most women choose not to wear wigs in the summer.
  It's time to learn how you can avoid the discomfort that pence toupee bring in summer from excessive sweating. The inconveniences it brings in the summer can make you give up wearing a wig.
  But if you practice these tips, wearing a wig shouldn't make you uncomfortable!

How can you enjoy a pence toupee this summer?
 I love to wear human hair wigs, as in a human hair wig, and especially in a handmade wig, the head does not sweat! The body keeps the body temperature.

 You can also try wearing synthetic wigs, thermal fiber wigs in summer. Their wear period is not as long as the wearing period of a natural hair wig, but they cost less. Modern synthetic hair wigs such as pence toupee are thinner and lighter.

 Synthetic hair has the ability to keep its style, which means it will always keep its shape, even if you sweat or get caught in the rain.
    It is best to try a lightweight synthetic mesh wig. They tend to allow your skin to breathe.

Choose a wig with short hair 
  variety of my wigs is one of the main things that I use every time I buy them, the ability to choose any model, base, color. The wig is easy to make to order according to your individual measurements or you can buy a ready-made wig in our online store.

pence toupee 2021


  Sometimes we get so bored with our hair that we want to cut it or want to take a risk and dye it from black to white or pink or green))) so we do not take risks and do not harm our own hair, we choose pence toupee!

 With wigs, we can create a new style every day! It is best to try a shorter wig with a breathable base for the summer. Because wigs with long hair will make you feel hotter.

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