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Why Choose Non-Surgical Men's Hair Replacement Systems Instead of Surgical Ones?

The Importance of Choosing Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Replacement Systems

According to research over 50% of men in the US suffer from male pattern baldness. Owing to this genetic condition, many men look for men’s hair replacement systems and treatments and often get confused between surgical and non-surgical procedures.

While surgical hair transplants are more commonly known among people, non-surgical men’s hair replacement systems provide the best solution to the balding problem. Along with being more affordable, different non-surgical hair replacement procedures provide quick and efficient results.

Hair replacement options

There are two main hair replacement options available

 Men's Hair Replacement Systems


Surgical Men’s Hair Replacement Systems

In the surgical hair replacement procedure, doctors remove a small piece of the patient’s scalp having greater hair density and shred it into tiny pieces called grafts. Then they make small holes in the bald patches of the patient’s scalp and plant the grafts in those holes using needles and wrap the surgical areas with a bandage.

The hair replacement surgery can take up to 8 hours and the patient may have to come back for more surgical sessions depending on their requirements. The whole procedure can take as long as 2 years to complete.

Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Replacement Systems

Non-surgical hair replacement systems are a pain-free solution to men’s hair loss problems. There are no needles or scalpels involved, and the whole procedure can be done in a few steps.

The first step is usually consultation where the experts might suggest what type of hair replacement is most suitable for the client based on his condition. There are three basic types of hair replacements, and the experts may suggest any of them.

Hair bonding

Hair bonding is a men’s hair replacement system that involves shaving off the balding patch of the scalp and covering it with a base using a medical, hypoallergenic adhesive. The hair strands (synthetic or human hair) are then knotted on this base. This gives a natural look and is non-intrusive.

The first step in hair bonding in men’s hair replacement system is to choose a base. Different bases are made of either polymer, lace, or natural human skin.

Hair weaving

Hair weaving is braiding hair extensions into the hair that is naturally present on the person’s scalp. This process, also called hair integration, is best suited for people with thin, low-volume hair.

Hair weaving adds volume to the person’s hair by integrating hair strands into their naturally growing hair. However, hair integration may lead to follicle inflammation and headache because of tight braiding of extensions into the natural hair.

Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction (TCR)

Transdermal cosmetic reconstruction is the most advanced method in men’s hair replacement systems. It is a non-surgical skin grafting hair replacement procedure which involves the direct transplant of hair into the scalp via grafts. 

This procedure is based on using synthetic grafts, which are so thin they are unnoticeable to sight and touch. TCR is one of its kind men’s hair replacement system that allows the patients to have a head full of hair that looks as real as natural hair.

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Replacement Systems:

While thinking of getting a hair replacement, the first procedure that people mostly think of is a surgical hair transplant. The thought of a transplant brings with it horrifying images of surgical knives, needles, and scalpels. This thought discourages people from getting treatment for their balding head and they end up never getting a hair replacement procedure.

Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems are quickly taking over surgical procedures because of all the advantages they offer over them.

Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Replacement Systems are pain-free

Surgical men’s hair replacement systems are painful. The doctors might sedate the patient and use local anesthesia to make the procedure less painful. But even after this, the patient might feel some tugging and a little pressure on their scalp-which makes the process uncomfortable.

Compared to this, non-surgical men’s hair replacement systems are completely pain-free and involve no sedation or anesthesia. The patients can walk right out of the clinics or salons after the procedure, flaunting their head full of hair.

Non-surgical men’s hair replacement systems are affordable.

Another factor that pitches the non-surgical hair replacement systems above the surgical ones is the price of these procedures. While surgical men’s hair replacement procedure may cost up to $15,000, the non-surgical procedures may cost only around $300.

Guaranteed results of Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Treatment Systems.

Furthermore, surgical men’s hair replacement systems do not always lead to satisfactory results and they are irreversible. If the patient ends up being dissatisfied with the results, the only option left is another transplant, but normally, patients might not be able to afford two simultaneous hair transplants.

As with men’s non-surgical hair replacement systems, all of them, including TCR, are reversible and they always guarantee the results.

No Side Effects of Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Transplant Systems

Unlike surgical hair transplant systems that involve stitches on the patient’s scalp. May cause swelling and other complexities, non-surgical men’s hair replacement procedures have zero side-effects.

Moreover, the patient might have to take medications such as finasteride after a surgical hair transplant procedure. While a non-surgical hair replacement procedure requires no medication during or after the procedure.

Non-surgical hair replacement systems lead to immediate results.

Unlike surgical hair treatment procedures which may show results after 3 to 4 months, non-surgical men’s hair replacement procedures lead to immediate results. This advantage of non-surgical treatments makes them the best option for the people looking for a quick fix to their balding scalp.

Genetic medical conditions such as androgenetic alopecia along with an unhealthy diet and other medical conditions may increase the rate of hair loss. Premature balding adds to the already long list of stress-causing factors for men and takes a toll on their social productivity and self-esteem.

Most people don’t go for the hair replacement procedures because of the general idea that for a hair replacement, they must undergo a surgery. This is where non-surgical hair replacement systems take center stage.

While offering promising and instant pain-free results, non-surgical men’s hair replacement systems are also reversible and easy to style making them more manageable and less cumbersome as compared to surgical procedures.

 Men's Hair Replacement Systems manufacturers

Take Away

We provide different types of non-surgical hair replacement including:

Stock Hair Systems

Lace Hair Systems

Lace Front Hair Systems

Skin Hair Systems

Monofilament Hair Systems

All our systems meet the highest industry standards. They are painless, effective and efficient hair loss solutions.

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