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How to curl a man wig opic yourself in 3 easy steps?

To have lush curls, it is not at all necessary to grow a braid for years. You just need to buy a man wig opic, or a hairpiece with long hair, and you will have a gorgeous opportunity to change your appearance.

Do spectacular hairstyles, look more feminine and attractive in the eyes of men. After all, whoever says what, and long curls are always femininely beautiful and sexy.

How to curl a wig if it was originally with straight hair?

Or was he curly, but lost his former attractiveness?

And can fake hair wigs be curled at all? Specialists tell about this in detail.

Curl a man wig opic or not is the question

Before curling a wig made of artificial hair, you need to decide on the material of the product. Not all man-made fibers are equally good at high temperatures and perm.

A thermal fiber man, wig opic

If you have a thermal fiber man wig opic, feel free to start styling with a hot hairdryer, curling iron, or hot curlers. That's why it is THERMO fiber, so as not to be afraid of high temperatures (up to 200 degrees, for sure)! Just try not to overdo it, because even very high-quality products do not like frequent perms with hot devices and can lose their original beauty.
man wig opic

A human hair man, wig opic

If you bought a human hair wig, you have a complete carte blanche. You can not only curl your hair but also dye it, tint it, cut it (which cannot be done with an artificial product). But you must always remember that the hair in a wig is deprived of nutrition, which means that too frequent experiments with a curling iron and a hairdryer are contraindicated for them.

It is recommended to curl man wig opic with thermo-devices as rarely as possible, but the classic "night curlers" will definitely not harm.

A kanekalon man wig opic

If you are the owner of a kanekalon, it is better to forget about the classic curling with a curling iron. Heat treatment of these fibers is categorically contraindicated. If you really want to make curls, it is allowed to use ordinary hair curlers made of metal, plastic, or wood, hairpins, and clips.

Details on how to curl a faux wig yourself at home, we will describe below.

What is the expert advice before curling a man, wig opic?

Test your hair! If you bought a man wig opic on the market, hand-held, and even at a point in a reputable shopping center, you should definitely check the reaction of your hair to hot iron.

Do this on the back of the cap, in an inconspicuous place. If the hairs do not melt, then you can start curling.

Useful instruction

Do your hair a few days before an important event. Any experiments with hair are best done in your free time, and at the same time leave a couple of days "in reserve" in order to correct the situation if a new perm does not work out.

For curls lovers

If you like curls and curls, it is better to immediately buy a man wig opic of this kind. Any, even the gentlest perm, damages artificial hair, especially if you do it often. And by buying a wig with beautiful waves or perky curls, you will get a ready-made hairstyle that does not need to be styled every time.

Moreover, the choice of options is huge - go to the online catalog and choose curly wigs according to your own taste.

How to curl a man, wig opic yourself in 3 easiest ways?

Heat-resistant fiber and natural hair wigs need no advice - they can be curled with anything. But kanekalon products are more capricious in this regard.

Therefore, we will tell you about the three safest ways to curl.

Making curls with hot water in 5 steps:

Step 1.

First, moisturize the locks of man wig opic with a regular cream (you can even baby) - just rub the cream in your palms and run them through your hair. By the way, olive oil or coconut oil will do.

 man wig opic 2021

Step 2.

Carefully comb the curls, separate them into strands and wind them on the curlers. For a natural look, we recommend taking curlers of different diameters: smaller near the face, larger - at the back of the head.

Step 3.

Pour in a saucepan (half) plain water, put on fire. When the water boils, remove it from the heat, let it cool slightly (5 minutes), and then lower the wig in the curler into the pan for 30-40 seconds.

Step 4.

Now the wig needs to be left to dry, preferably overnight. Slip it over a blank or jar to keep your hair dry evenly.

Step 5.

Hair curlers of your man wig opic are removed only from dry hair! If you do this while the strands are still wet, the curls will not work. To prolong the effect of beautiful curls, sprinkle them with varnish. But before that, do not comb - just run your fingers through the hair to fluff it.

Curling with a steam generator in 3 easy steps

Step 1.

After combing and moistening the hair, it must be divided into strands (the thicker, the larger the wave will be) and rolled on curlers - as described in the first method. Clamps can also be used to shape light waves.

Step 2.

Then we turn on the steam generator and process each future curl of your man wig opic with it for several minutes. The task is simple but time-consuming.

Step 3.

Leave the wig to cool. The steam generator moisturizes the hair with steam, so it will be damp. You can remove curlers and clips only after the product is completely dry. If you can't stand time, you can use a hairdryer in cold air mode.

After removing the curlers, do not comb the curls so as not to disrupt their structure. Walk your fingers over them and this will be enough to get a beautiful voluminous hairstyle.

Oven curls

The method is very simple and affordable for anyone who has a gas or electric oven at home. You also need curlers made of wood or steel - they will not work from plastic!

  1. Preheat the oven to 100 degrees for curling your man wig opic.
  2. Moisturize your hair and curl it as described above.
  3. Place the wig in the oven for 30-40 minutes.
  4. Remove, let cool for 2-3 hours, and only after complete cooling, remove the curlers.
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