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Hairpiece Tape Wholesale: How to Use Wig Tape | China 2020

The Right Way of Using Hairpiece Tape

Wearing a wig enhances self-esteem and boosts one’s confidence. After all, everyone looks young, beautiful, and smart while having a head full of hair. The hard reality is that wigs might look and feel natural, but they are not. Therefore, you have to reach out to a hairpiece tape wholesale seller to ensure that you keep your wig intact despite the situation.

Wondering, how tape can be helpful?  The answer is simple, in a public gather you would not want your wig to be dislocated. To ensure that it stays in its place, you would need something to fix it. With wig glues and tapes, you can actually enjoy rigorous activities without worrying about your wig falling down.

 Now that you know that a wig tape is important. The next vital question is how to apply the wig tape. This question will be the main focus of our article. We will talk about ways to apply and remove wig tape as well as glue.

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How to Apply Hairpiece Tape?

You might think that applying tape is extremely important, however, the truth is far from it. Of course, you can apply it, but it would not yield the desired results. On the contrary, if you have the right directions, you can achieve tremendous results.

You will be able to apply and remove wig without hurting or damaging your skin. Below, are some effective tips to ensure the right wig application.

Tips to Use Wig Tape

When you apply wig tape underneath your wing, you are actually securing the wig's place. It would give you a complete feel of natural hair. You can run, jog, or even swing wearing your wig without any worries. With a wig tape, you will save yourself the embarrassment of you wig falling off.

NOTE: It is important to avoid using wig tape or glue onto areas that still have natural hair intact. If you apply either the glue or the tape, it would pull onto your natural hair.

Now that we have established how wig tape can be useful, let's focus on the application technique.

Wig tape offers versatility. It means you can apply it to any area on your head. May it be the front, back, or the middle of your scalp. Just make sure the wig tape should not come in contact with your natural hair.

Cleaning the Area

Now that you have finalized the area on which you want to apply the tape. The first thing a hairpiece tape wholesale seller would recommend is to clean that particular area. In order to remove all the unwanted particles, take a cotton ball or a Q-tip, soak it into alcohol. Now rub this cotton ball or Q-tip on the desired areas.

In addition, it is a good idea to use a small amount of liquid band-aid to the desired sections. Doing so would ensure that you do not have end up damaging your skin or have any other problem. This tip is imperative for people with sensitive skin.

Hairpiece Tape Cutting & Placement

Now take the tape and cut 2 small strips. Make sure that each strip is not wider than 2 inches. The tape length is as per the hairline section.

In case, you have already parted your wing, you need to apply the tape near those particular areas. Make sure that you peel off just one side of the tape for now. The side that will come in contact with your scalp.

Make sure that the tape is close to the hairline, but it not should be extremely near the edge as it would show via the lace front. Another thing that you need to focus on here is that the tape needs to stick to your skin for it to be effective.

For tape placement, use the side tabs. You can also place it in other places that you think are loose.

 Now that you have firmly placed the tape onto the required place. Next, you need to place your wig over it.

Before placing the wig, peel of the top of the tape and make sure that you do not touch it. Now place the wig onto your head and then press it down. You don’t have to apply a lot of pressure on it.

It is important to line it up with the hairline. However, avoid making taking it too far back in-front, this would ensure that the wig gives a natural look.

Wig Safety and Security

After you are satisfied with the tape position. Apply a good amount of pressure for the wig to stay intact.

To ensure that the wig is secure and safe, gently tug on its different sections.

That is all, you can now have a great day with your wig.

How to remove Hairpiece Tape?

The best way to go about removing the tape is to ask you a hairpiece tape wholesale seller. They would provide you with accurate details. However, for a more general approach, you can read the steps below.

  1. The first thing that you would need is a Q-tip or a cotton ball.
  2. Next, you would need a spray bottle.
  3. We the Q-tip using the spray bottle that contains rubbing alcohol. Now lift the wig edge that doesn’t have any tape attached to it.
  4. Now start applying Q-tip and slowly move towards the direction where you have placed the tape. Avoid going to quickly as this would tear up the wig lace. You can also use a cloth in order to remove the tape off the lace.

NOTE: Regardless of the material you use to remove the tape, you need to go slow as to ensure the safety of the wig.

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