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7 Tips to improve short mens Wig Performance

The secrets of fast hair growth:


“The rate of short mens wigs growth is quite individual, for some people their hair grows faster, for others it is slower. But on average, hair grows 1-1.5 cm per month. This is genetically inherent, and it is impossible to influence it globally. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to direct your attention to maintaining the length of the hair and improving the condition of their ends.

 After all, if the hair is well-groomed and shiny, and the ends are beautiful, do not split and do not break, then you will not need to cut them off so often, which, in turn, will ensure the preservation of the length of the hair. "

You need to pick up a towel and properly dry your short mens wigs after washing

short mens wigs

Short mens wigs Expert commentary:

“You need to choose the right towel to minimize the risk of injury to your hair. The towel should be lightweight, and they should not actively rub and rub their hair. It is enough to gently remove excess moisture. "

How to quickly grow long hair: comb it correctly?

Expert commentary:

“You only need to comb your hair when it is dry, because wet strands are most susceptible to damage."

Gotta be careful with hot styling

Expert commentary:

“If you want to maintain shine in your short mens wigs, I advise you to skip or reduce the frequency of using hot air dryers, hairs and irons. Or at least use thermal protective equipment. "

How to grow long hair fast: nutrition and water balance play a huge role

Expert commentary:

“In addition to external care, it is necessary to attend to the state of the body as a whole. First of all, eliminate the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, if any. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and drink enough water. "

Micro stimulation at home

Stimulating blood circulation in the scalp helps to accelerate hair growth. The effect of folk recipes is based on this. For example, hair masks with mustard honey and even pepper tincture. But before using such funds, we recommend that you consult with a dermatologist or trichologist in advance.

In addition, it is best to do an allergy test before resorting to homemade products. Whichever homemade mask you make, try it on a small, exposed area of ​​skin first. Apply to the hair roots only if there was no reaction.

 If irritation or redness appears, try other remedies. Moreover, in order to understand in advance how the skin most often reacts to a particular remedy, read reviews on the Internet.

You can try nicotinic acid for short mens wigs

Also, many people speak remarkably about niacin as a means to accelerate hair growth and add shine. But, again, you should not prescribe yourself drugs or vitamins for your hair on your own. It is better to discuss this with a specialist in advance.

Get rid of dandruff and normalize the scalp


If you want to accelerate hair growth, special attention should be paid to the condition of the scalp. Is she prone to dandruff, excessive dryness or oily? To grow long hair quickly, you first need to tidy up your scalp.

Sulfate-free shampoos worth considering

If strands do not react well to detergents, sulfate-free shampoos can help. The less damage your hair is, the more likely it is to grow it back sooner.

How to quickly grow long hair: stop washing your hair with hot water

Even if you wash your short mens wigs every day, you can make the procedure less traumatic. For example, stop using hot water. Washing the strands with lukewarm (but not cold) water is more beneficial.

Oils can help you

To tell you the truth, the reaction of hair to oils can be different. However, the heroine of one of the ATH articles, a girl with very long hair, was helped to grow them by oils.

How to Grow Long short mens wigs Fast: Give It Night Care

Hair is vulnerable at night and this can cause breakage. This means that it will interfere with growing long curls. Therefore, it is better not to go to bed with a wet head, and also to properly collect the strands at night. It might also be worth considering buying a silk pillowcase.

How to Grow Long Hair Fast: Tips from Beauty Salon Experts Keep Looking

“Long hair has been considered the standard of beauty from time immemorial. Lush, sleek and healthy hair below the waist is a sign of femininity. They make any look softer, more mysterious and attractive. With such curls, you can experiment with hairstyles every day. However, not every woman can boast of this hair length.

For many women, hair grows very slowly, which can be due to various reasons. Such as heredity, scalp diseases, circulatory disorders, fragility.

 Nutrition also has a very big effect. Short mens wigs are one of the significations of our body. If something is wrong in the body, then the hair will immediately show it with its unhealthy appearance. In this case, you must consult a doctor. "

What to do?

“It is imperative to review the daily diet and remove all harmful and “empty”foods from it. The diet should contain fruits, vegetables, cereals, natural juices and clean water. After consulting your doctor, you can select vitamins. In addition, it is important to establish a regime and be sure to allocate time for walks in the fresh air. "

Many girls are wondering how to grow long hair quickly. Keep Looking experts know the answers

“On average, hair grows one and a half to two centimeters per month. There are only two main ways to grow hair:
1. professional care;
2. home care.

short mens wigs 2021

Final Advice about short mens wigs

Professional short mens wigs are should include periodic haircuts, mesotherapy, special ampoules and laser combs. Such treatments are offered in any major beauty salon and are truly effective. With their help, you can grow long hair in the shortest possible time. "

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